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In linguistic typology, a verb–subject–object (VSO) language is one in which the most typical sentences arrange their elements in that order, as in Ate Sam ...

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Aug 4, 2008 ... List of VSO Languages. From LingWiki. Jump to: navigation, search. This page is for listing and comparing all languages that use the ...

TWO KINDS OF VSO LANGUAGES George Aaron Broadwell ...


Abstract: Some VSO languages, such as Welsh, show evidence for a VP ... other VSO languages, such as Zapotec, constituency tests show no evidence for a VP ...

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the usual word order of S (Subject), V (Verb), and O (Object), whether SOV, SVO, VSO or whatever. Some languages with a freer word order are hard to assign a ...

WALS Online - Chapter Order of Subject, Object and Verb


Verb-subject-object (VSO), 95 .... dominant order. Flexible order languages lacking a dominant order are shown on the map as “lacking a dominant word order”.

VSO Word Order (Verb-Subject-Object) - Native language


VSO is a somewhat uncommon word order worldwide. Here is a partial list of Native American languages using VSO word order: ...

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Sep 17, 2013 ... Other families where all or many of languages are VSO include the following ... Know : List of Percentage of Websites by Languages. Most web ...

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There are a number of ways we describe languages. The first one classifies them ... Next, we have the VSO (verb-subject-object) languages. In Irish, they say ...

How do isolating VSO languages differentiate the subject and object?


Jul 22, 2012 ... How do isolating VSO languages differentiate the subject and object? .... across it in a word frequency list and looked it up in a dictionary.

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VSO: Drink I milk. eg, questions in German - and in English if the verb is to be. ... Most programming languages do not distinguish between subject and object (as do ... But some higher-order functions work like adverbials, so Lisp (map f list) is,  ...

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