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This is not a scientific key to identifying lizards found in California. It is meant to be used as a basic tool for the novice who wants to identify a lizard primarily by ...


lizards, california, pictures. ... California Alligator Lizard Elgaria multicarinata multicarinata, San Diego Alligator Lizard Elgaria multicarinata .... Identification ...


lizard. Lizards have four legs and a tail. An exception is the legless lizard which has no legs, and looks like a snake. Also, some lizards ...


Lizard Identification Key ... Common Lesser Earless Lizard (Formerly Lesser Earless Lizard) ... Slender Glass Lizard (Formerly Western Slender Glass Lizard).


Lizards: identification. Which species of lizard have I seen? Quick answer. You are most likely to see Common Lizards or Slow-Worms (a leg-less lizard) as they  ...


Greater Earless Lizard, Cophosaurus texanus, Phrynosomatidae. Spot-tailed Earless Lizard, Holbrookia lacerata, Phrynosomatidae. Common Lesser Earless  ...


Arizona Reptiles and Amphibians Conservation. Pictures and Information.


Austin Area Lizards. TEXAS ALLIGATOR LIZARD, Gerrhonotus infernalis. This lizard is one of the largest lizards found in Texas. They average 15 - 20 inches.


Guide to lizard taxonomy to help identify lizards, lizard classification and description for families and lizard species, with a list of all types of lizards.