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An alternator is an electrical generator that converts mechanical energy to electrical energy in .... Smaller brushless alternators may look like one unit but the two parts are readily identifiable ...

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See what the alternator components look like in this alternator diagram. ... warning lamp; B terminal - Main alternator output terminal (connected to the battery) ...

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Jul 31, 2013 ... Knowing what components are in an alternator, and what they do to make an alternator operate properly, will ... Use your key for the next article.

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The description is broken down into explanations of an alternator's main components, of its additional components, and of the process by which an alternator ...

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Main Components of an Alternator. An engine's alternator maintains the voltage to the car's battery, which powers the lights, heater and other accessories.

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Understanding the Alternator. • The charging system has three major components. The. Battery, Alternator, and the. Regulator. • This alternator works together.

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Main parts of the alternator, obviously, consists of stator and rotor. But, the unlike other machines, in most of the alternators, field exciters are rotating and the ...

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There are two main components that make up an alternator. They are the rotor and the stator. The rotor is connected directly to the ...

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what is main parts of alternator. Question Submitted By :: Electrical Engineering. I also faced this Question!! Answer Posted By. Answers were Sorted based on ...

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Alternators are the workhorse of the power generation industry.It is capable to ... Rotor and Armature coils are the 2 main parts of an alternator. Rotor produces a ...

Main Components of an Alternator
An engine's alternator maintains the voltage to the car's battery, which powers the lights, heater and other accessories. It is analogous to a generator as it produces electricity through a turbine-like system. The 12-volt battery carries only enough... More »
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Today?s alternators use compact, electronic voltage regulators that may be ... A key component of an automobile's charging system, which provides current to ...

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... the theory and components to understand how your alternator generator works. ... turn the key on, the engine is not running and the alternator is not spinning.

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An alternator is the main electrical supply for most vehicles. It is a type of generator that gets its name because it converts mechanical energy from the engine to ...