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Martha Stewart shares tips and tricks for what to do with lemon rinds and how to get the perfect peel using paring knives, graters, zesters and other ideal kitchen ...


This is a good way to use up lemon rind or any citrus peel.


They taste kind of like chewy lemon drops. My husband is addicted. Now that I know how to make them, I'll be setting aside my unused lemon peels when I cook  ...


How to garnish your cocktail or drink with a pretty lemon or lime twist. ... Make a slice through one side of the peel and the pulp, all the way up to the rind on the ...


Oct 6, 2010 ... Technically speaking, the zest is the colorful portion of the peel or rind. The peel or rind refers to the entire skin‚Äîboth the colorful outer portion ...


Jul 29, 2015 ... When you want to add a zingy, sweet citrus flavor to food, the juice is good, but the zest is even better. ... There are four different kitchen tools that can be used to zest citrus fruits: .... How To Make Tender Baked Oatmeal Cups.


Jan 25, 2017 ... How to make your own dried citrus peels at home. ... Sometimes a recipe calls for dried orange or lemon peel, and this can throw people for a ...


Well, this is not just about how to zest a lemon - you can zest any citrus fruit. ... The wax can make the zest taste funny sometimes, and it's pretty hard to remove.


Mar 5, 2015 ... How To Make Dried Lemon Peel. Lay your strips of zest out on a cooling rack. Try not to let them touch; you want good airflow. Set the zest ...


Jan 11, 2017 ... One of my favorite seasonings, and easy to make. Check out Lemon Pepper Seasoning by Simply Scratch. 3. Candied Lemon Peel Um. Yum.