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Use make in a sentence | make sentence examples


Example sentences with the word make. make example sentences. ... True, they rather order me about some, and make me jump from spar to spar, like a ...

The Word "Make" in Example Sentences - Page 1


English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families The Word ... www.manythings.org/sentences/words/make « Back [ 1 ] ... He made me go. (CK)

English Sentences with Audio Using the Word "Make"


You can listen to each sentence as you read it. / Accent ... "Make". This page is part of www.manythings.org/audio/sentences. Click [T] to go to that sentence on ...

how to make a sentence using these words | Learn English


Oct 23, 2008 ... how to make a sentence using these words ... i want to know how to make sentence using a above words. give me an example sentence.

Sentence Checker


Sentence Checker. Free online spell and grammar checker based on LanguageTool - an open source proofreading software. Paste your text. Paste your own ...

5 Ways to Write a Damn Good Sentence - Copyblogger


Nov 14, 2013 ... Each sentence should make sense on its own even if it's just a short, blunt .... Amazing article, and very timely for me as I'm trying to build out ...

Spacefem.com: Random Mnemonic Maker


Simple online mnemonic device maker. Type in words or letters & it'll make you a funny sentence to remember them.

Sentence Patterns - The Writing Center at UNC-Chapel Hill


This handout gives an overview of English sentence patterns. It will help you ... Dependent clause: a subject and verb that don't make a complete thought. Dependent ... Eating them makes him happy; however, he can't persuade me. Try this:.

When should you use "I" vs. "me" in English sentences? | PhraseMix ...


In most sentences, that means that "I" comes before the verb and "me" comes after it. Sometimes it's a little harder to ... Make it plural. No one has a blue car ...

Rewordify.com | Understand what you read


Enter hard sentences (or whole chapters) into the yellow box at the top of the page. ... part of speech, verb tense, and singular/plural form, so they make sense.

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Complex Sentence Generator - Paraphrase Sentences


Complex Sentence Generator is a free content rewriter that can potentially ... it does a good job of respecting english and using replacements that make sense.

Spanish Sentence Maker - 123TeachMe


The Sentence Maker allows you to enter a word or phrase in the text box below and retrieve translated sentence pairs (English and Spanish) containing that ...

Alliterative Sentence Generator - Alliteration tools


Sentence Generator. An aide at alleviating all alliterative aspirations. Generates an alliterative sentence with your name. Simple Sentence ... Support Me Please ...