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In audio signal processing and acoustics, an echo (plural echoes) is a reflection of sound, arriving at the listener some time after the direct sound. Typical ...

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Jul 25, 2014 ... If only one obstacle reflects the sound, you'll hear only one echo, ... How Do Fireflies Flash and What Causes the Luminescence to Occur?

What Causes An Echo?


An echo is caused by the reflection of sound waves at some moderately even surface, such as the wall of a building. The waves of sound on meeting the surface ...

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An echo occurs when a sound wave reflects back towards its source after hitting a hard surface. Although the surface may absorb some of the sound, the ...

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Echoes and Doppler shift are two effects that are key to understanding radar. ... The echo occurs because some of the sound waves in your shout reflect off of a surface (either the water at the bottom of the well or ... What causes mental illness ?

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Nov 9, 2005 ... Explanation of Sound Echoes by Ron Kurtus - Succeed in Understanding Physics. Key words: sonar, radar, measurement, velocity, wavelength ...

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May 8, 2013 ... Causes of echoIn Brief:Its most likely your echo is caused by the far-end ... So look what happens if the hybrid in the PSTN-VoIP gateway is ...

My callers hear an echo, I dont - Samsung Galaxy S II - iFixit

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hi everyone who calls me says they can hear a bad echo of thier voice..yet i hear ... in for repair...still happens as techies only to a factory reset??? wondered if u ... calls the speaker is on very quietly, which makes a loop and causes an echo ...

I hear an echo of my own voice when I make a call with my cell ...


Dec 16, 2011 ... If you hear an echo while talking, the problem is likely on your contact's .... Does it happen with other Sprint forwarded phones on your account?

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Echo vs. Reverberation. Sound is a mechanical wave which travels through ... a medium by particle interaction is what makes a sound wave a mechanical wave.

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Q: How to Make an Echo With Mixcraft.
A: Instructions. Launch Mixcraft and open the project in which you want to make an echo. Click the "Effects" button if you want to add an echo to the entire projec... Read More »
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Q: How to Make an Echo Cocktail.
A: 1. Fill a cocktail shaker half-full with crushed ice. 2. Add the mandarin vodka, coconut cream, mango puree and raspberry nectar to the cocktail shaker. 3. Cove... Read More »
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Q: Why does an echo happen?
A: cause when shout or cream that means theres nothing and the it begins the echo like in mountains and it makes echo where somewhere is very deep. Read More »
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Q: How does an echo happen?
A: Sound waves get reflected off a surface. Read More »
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Q: Why is this happening? echo problem
A: csh/tcsh are not using the '\' sequences! open a ksh session and everything will work. ===== Werner Read More »
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