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So you want to do some bong loads, but there is no bong? Here is ... periodically with the pen to make sure that you are getting the right fit. ... Make a Quick Bong. a Quick Bong&v=pw-svqpfrPw
Apr 3, 2013 ... This is my first video and i will be showing you how to make a water bottle bong with some simple homemade items 1.some thing to cut with (or ...

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Dec 15, 2008 ... SWIM really wants to make a quick homemade bong but he don't even have a cone piece or anything... can anyone help him out and let him ... a Quick Bong&v=EV1vm92ZzPg
Apr 11, 2010 ... I was bored so I made a vid on how to make a water bong.

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Q: How to Make a Quick Bong
A: 1 Locate some sort of an empty plastic bottle (preferably 20 oz). This can be an empty water bottle, soda bottle, etc. Ad 2 Locate a 7/32, or 5.6mm, socket. Mak... Read More »
Q: How to Make a Beer Bong.
A: Series Summary. Read More »
Q: How to Make a Beer Bong
A: 1 Go to your local hardware store and buy a funnel. Preferably get a large funnel with a wide opening as the size determines the amount of liquid that can be ad... Read More »
Q: How to Make a Waterfall Bong
A: 1 Poke a 1 ⁄ 4 inch (0.6 cm) hole into the cap of the bottle with a sharp object like a knife or sharp pen. Ad 2 Put the socket into the cap, This will be your ... Read More »
Q: What makes for a good bong?
A: First you should make sure what type of smoker your friend is and what his/her lung capacity is. A four-foot bong isn't going to be very practical for someone w... Read More »