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What is the Mantle?
The mantle is one of the three major layers of the Earth, which geologists often compare to a hard-boiled egg, with the mantle analogous to the white of the egg. The mantle is largest of the layers, making up about 83 percent of the Earth's volume.... More »
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Mantle (geology)


The mantle is a layer inside a terrestrial planet and some other rocky planetary bodies. For a mantle to form, the planetary body must be large enough to have ...

AMD's Revolutionary Mantle


AMD's Mantle is a groundbreaking graphics API that promises to transform the world of game development to help bring better, faster games to the PC. Read on  ...

Definition: mantle is the fleshy structure enclosing the body of a mollusk; it secretes the shell. More »
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mantle - National Geographic Education


Mercury and Mars have solid, unmoving interior structures. Venus has an active mantle, but the structure of its crust and atmosphere prevent it from changing the  ...

Mantle | Define Mantle at Dictionary.com


Geology. the portion of the earth, about 1800 miles (2900 km) thick, between the crust and the core. Compare core<sup>1</sup>(def 10), crust (def 6). 4. Zoology. a single or ...

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README.md. Mantle Carthage compatible. Mantle makes it easy to write a simple model layer for your Cocoa or Cocoa Touch application.

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a loose piece of clothing without sleeves that was worn over other clothes especially in the past. : something that covers or surrounds something else.

AMD's Mantle 1.0 is dead; long live DirectX | PCWorld


Mar 2, 2015 ... AMD's Mantle “1.0” is dead. Long live Mantle 1.0. After just a year and a half, AMD appears to be sunsetting its “revolutionary” original Mantle ...

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Q: What is the mantle?
A: The mantle is the layer of Earth between the core and crust. It is made up of ductile rock which exhibits plasticity, bends without fracture, and is extremely h... Read More »
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Q: What is the mantle?
A: Mantle is the layer between the core and crust. It is made up of very hard rock and extends from about 60 kilometers beneath the crust down to the outer core. Read More »
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Q: What is in the Mantle.
A: The earth is like an egg, with different layers. The mantle is under the crust, like the egg white is under the shell. Read More »
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Q: What Is Mantle Cell Lymphoma?
A: Basics Lymph nodes are filled with lymphocytes, and B cells comprise the outer zone of the lymph node, called the mantle zone. When these B-cells abnormally pro... Read More »
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Q: How to Decorate the Mantle For Christmas.
A: Christmas is the time for celebration. Some of the most fun ways that we all come together for celebrating is looking at the holiday decorations that flank neig... Read More »
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