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Slow lorises are a group of several species of nocturnal strepsirrhine primates that make up the ... Range map showing ranges of several species: the Sunda slow loris complex (N. Distribution of Nyc...

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Habitat. Nycticebus coucang is located in southeastern Asia, across India and the Philippines, and extends through parts of Indonesia. They can live in altitudes ...

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Life span: 25 years (captive) ... Recorded slow loris body masses are N. bengalensis (1134-1605g (40.0-56.6oz), ... CURRENT RANGE MAPS (IUCN REDLIST):

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While the lemurs only live on the island of Madagascar, there are at least 11 ... map of loris and loris related species ranges in Central Africa and South Asia ... The slow cautious moving lorises and pottos are hard to spot by predators, and the ...

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The Slow Loris lives southern Asia where they hand in trees in the Malayan rainforests. The Red Slender Loris is found on Sri Lanka in the lowland rainforests ...

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... able to remain totally still for hours on end if required; Slow lorises have one of the slowest primate life histories; six months ... Oxford Brookes University map ...

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Less than a foot long, the pygmy slow loris is most recognized for its huge eyes, which it employs to spot prey at ... Report a map error ... They catch live food by remaining motionless until surprising their prey with a quick strike with their hands.

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This species of loris--which weighs about 1 pound--lives in Vietnam, Cambodia ... The maps identify where they've seen lorises, and where they think the best ...

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Jul 13, 2015 ... A pygmy slow loris clings to a branch at rescue center in Vietnam. ... In the forest canopies of Vietnam lives a cryptic creature called the slow loris. .... Residents of Bu La village map out slow loris sightings to raise conservation ...

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Slow lorises: list of origin of described animals / specimens. General distribution: based on the distribution map in Osman Hill, 1953, and Groves, 1971, corrected ...