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marginal cost
the cost of one additional unit of any item produced or bought in quantity.
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In economics, marginal cost is the change in the opportunity cost that arises when the quantity produced is incremented by one unit, that is, it is the cost of ...


The change in total cost that comes from making or producing one additional item . The purpose of analyzing marginal cost is to determine at what point an ...


Definition of marginal cost: The increase or decrease in the total cost of a production run for making one additional unit of an item. It is computed in situations ...


Lets say I produce toys, if it costs me 5 dollars to produce an additional toy but I can only sell it for 4 dollars I WONT produce it. If it costs me 5 dollars but I can sell  ...


What is marginal cost? Marginal cost is the additional cost incurred in the production of one more unit of a good or service.


May 17, 2015 ... Marginal cost is an important concept in business. In this lesson, you'll learn what marginal costs are and their standard formula with some...


Marginal cost is the additional cost incurred for the production of an additional unit of output. The formula is calculated by dividing the change in the total cost by  ...


Marginal cost is the cost of the next unit or one additional unit of volume or output. To illustrate marginal cost let's assume that the total cost of producing 10000 ...