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What was the material used to plug the eye sockets of a


Mar 23, 2008 ... Very often, bees wax was used. ... Social Studies - What material was used to plug the eye sockets during . ... what was the substance used to stuff the nostrils of the mummy'... egypt mummification - What subtance was used to ...

What subtance was used to stuff the nostrils of a mummy?


Feb 8, 2007 ... magical figure placed in between layers of the mummy's wrapping ... Pyramid Text 9.The material used to plug the eye sockets. linen 10.

What material was used to plug the eye sockets of mummies


Different materials were used to plug the eye sockets. The eyeball was often pushed into the eye socket and covered with a linen pad. Sometimes eyes were ...



ancient egypt: Mummification - the embalmers and their art. ... The eye sockets have been stopped and the mouth cavity has been filled with resin. ... Bees wax was used at times to plug orifices, the ears, eyes, nostrils, and the mouth. ... the eyeballs were at times replaced with pieces of cloth, stone or other materials.

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Feel free to use material from the Theban Royal Mummy Project website. ... Ikram and Dodson state that the mummy's eye-sockets had been packed with cloth, .... One new feature was the ball of resin used to plug up the anus of Ramesses IV.

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Mar 6, 2014 ... The precise strokes show a mummy embalmed with great care, ... with empty eye sockets and skin that's cracked like parched earth. ..... a plug of bandages, skin and flesh from a mummy, before using a ... Unfortunately, over the millennia, black resins and other materials used in the embalming process had ...

a review on the materials used during the mummification processes ...


plete, the anal plug was removed and the lique- fied stomach ... fying unknown materials used with mummies. Most analyses .... mouth, eyes and ears (Ikram and Dodson,. 1998). ...... in his eye sockets and his ears, and a piece of onion skin.

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Conservation of the mummies and coffins in preparation for their installation in ... damage that was repaired, materials that were re-used, or constructions that ... New pieces of wood were often inserted to plug .... outline the shapes for carving is preserved on the wood of the eye cavities (Fig. .... Deep sockets held tenons that.

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Feel free to use material from the Theban Royal Mummy Project website. ... ( However, see his comments on the artificial eyes, made of onions, used in the mummy ... and into the eye sockets of Ramesses III in an attempt to fashion artificial eyes. ... and the embalmers had simply filled the embalming incision with a wax plug.

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May 22, 2014 ... High-definition scans uncover details of a mummy's health before ... Her eye sockets have been filled with artificial eyes made of glass or stone.

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What material was used to plug the eye sockets during mummification


what substance is used to stuff the nostrils? what else did Egyptians embalm? the material used to stuff the eye sockets? what mummy shaped figures worked in ...

Preparation of the Mummy


In the mummification process, the natron was used to basically salt and preserve the body. ... The nose and eyes were sometimes plugged up with cloth, but there have been small onions found in the eye sockets to make it appear those organs ... They would try to insert other packing materials within the body cavity, to keep  ...

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Aug 22, 2011 ... Ancient Egypt: Information on Mummies and Mummification in Egypt. ... Also, natural material such as grass could be used to surround the body, fill its .... Next the abdominal incision was closed, the nostrils were plugged with resin ... to the cranial cavity either through the base of the skull or an eye socket.