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Equilibrant force is a force which brings equilibrium state. It is considered to be the equal and opposite of the resultant force. Equilibrant force is the force, which  ...

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... body in the opposite direction. Equilibrant forces establish equilibrium for an object and make... ... studyphysics.ca · dictionary.reference.com · britannica.com.

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Equilibrium is any situation where the net force acting on an object is zero. ... The equilibrant is a vector that is the exact same size as the resultant would be, but ...

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Equilibrant definition, a counterbalancing force or system of forces. See more.

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Aug 4, 2014 ... Definition: An equilibrant of number of forces acting on a body is a single force which cancels the effect of resultant of a system of forces or ...

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equilibrant (plural equilibrants). A force equal to, but opposite of, the resultant sum of vector forces; that force which balances other forces, thus bringing an ...

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Figure 18: The resultant force (FR) produces the same net force and the same net torque about point A as F1 + F2; the body can be brought into equilibrium by ...

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A resultant force would cause a stationary object to start moving or an object moving with ... Definition: The equilibrant of any number of forces is the single force ...

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If we define the direction your friend is pulling in as positive then the force you are .... magnitude as the resultant vector but the opposite direction: the equilibrant.

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Such a force is called the equilibrant force and is equal in magnitude but ... forces is the negative vector of the resultant of the other two forces meaning they ...

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Equilibrant is defined as something that brings things into balance. An example of an equilibrant is a force in a physics experiment. YourDictionary definition and  ...

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Define equilibrant: a force that will balance one or more unbalanced forces.

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Define equilibrant. equilibrant synonyms, equilibrant pronunciation, equilibrant translation, English dictionary definition of equilibrant. n a force capable of ...