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A quorum is the minimum number of members of a deliberative assembly necessary to conduct ..... cases required to pass any substantive measure, effectively meaning that a meeting with fewer than nin...

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Quorum definition, the number of members of a group or organization required to be present to transact business legally, usually a majority. See more.

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1 : a select group. 2 : the number (as a majority) of officers or members of a body that when duly assembled is legally competent to transact business.

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The noun quorum is plural of qui in Latin, meaning "of whom." The first quorum was an eminent group of justices of the peace. The word quorum was used in the  ...

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The minimal number of officers and members of a committee or organization, usually a majority, who must be present for valid transaction of business. 2. A select ...

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the minimum number of members of an assembly or society t... Meaning, pronunciation, example sentences, and more from Oxford Dictionaries.

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The definition of a quorum is the minimum number of people needed at a meeting to conduct business. An example of a quorum is having four of the seven  ...

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Definition of quorum: Fixed minimum number of eligible members or stockholders (shareholders) who must be present (physically or by proxy) at a meeting ...

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According to Robert's Rules, a quorum is the minimum number of voting members who must be present at a properly called meeting in order to conduct business ...

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quorum definition, meaning, what is quorum: the smallest number of people needed to be present at a meeting before it can officially…. Learn more.

[kwawr-uhm, kwohr-]
the number of members of a group or organization required to be present to transact business legally, usually a majority.
a particularly chosen group.
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quorum | Define quorum at Dictionary.com
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