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In physics, mass is a property of a physical body. It is the measure of an object's resistance to acceleration when a net force is applied. It also determines the ...

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Put simply, weight is a measure of gravity's effect on something. Mass is the amount of matter in an object. Move to a different planet and an object's weight will ...

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Apr 30, 2015 ... We almost always determine mass by measuring weight. Weight is the force on an object exterted by a gravitational field, and is proportional to ...

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How to Measure Mass. What's the difference between mass and weight? Weight is the effect that gravity has on an object. Mass is the amount of matter in an ...

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A triple beam balance accurately measures mass; however, often a scale that measures ... Mass is the measurement of the amount of matter present in an object.

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In this lesson you will learn how to find the mass of an object by using a balance scale.

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An object's mass doesn't change (unless you remove some!), but its weight can ... But Scales can be fooled ... because they measure a "downwards force" and ...

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Mass is the amount of matter an object has. We often use a triple-balance beam to measure mass. A triple-beam balance gets its name because it has three ...

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The measurement of mass in the laboratory is performed using balances. ... Direct weighing means that an object is placed directly on a balance and the mass ...

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Jan 17, 2013 ... Using a balance to measure the mass of an object. ... Comparing Objects by Weight with Child 14 (Early Math Collaborative at Erikson) ...