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Francis Harry Compton Crick OM FRS (8 June 1916 – 28 July 2004) was a British molecular ..... Wilkins shared this information about the B form of DNA with Crick and ... of the helix providing ...

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That then travels out of the nucleus of the cell (where the DNA is found) into the cytoplasm of the cell. ... Messenger RNA contains the information to make just one single polypeptide chain ... The coding strand and the template strand of DNA.

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These mRNA transcripts escape the nucleus and travel to the ribosomes, where they ... An mRNA transcript is a single strand of RNA that encapsulate the information .... are able to deliver their genetic messages to the ribosomes of a host cell.

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Transcription of one of the strands of DNA produces an mRNA that nearly matches the ... This directional flow of information is known as the central dogma of molecular biology. .... Because of this, the mRNA doesn't have to travel anywhere before it can be .... exposing new codons for tRNA binding and amino acid delivery.

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However, most genes in a cell produce mRNA molecules that serve as ... understand as a means of information transfer: since DNA and RNA are chemically and ...... it ends with the delivery of the entire protein to a protein destruction machine, ...

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Jan 21, 2003 ... DNA makes up the genes, the master instructions of life, while RNA merely conveys those ... an army of RNA snippets that do much more than act as DNA's messenger. ... But delivering DNA is gene therapy, which has had little success. ... DNA strands unwind and their genetic information is copied onto a ...

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The DNA molecule is made of two polynucleotide strands spiraled around each .... In this way, the genetic information held on the structure of DNA is able to ... The messenger RNA (mRNA) holds the "message" of the DNA and travels out of .... <sup>31</sup> A good vector is able to deliver the therapeutic DNA into the nucleus of a cell ...

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Find methods to deliver the therapy into the eye/ into specific cells ... Use sequence/mutation information to generate diagnostic tests for mutation and for gene ... After RNA is transcribed from the DNA, the mRNA is processed, exported to the cytoplasm and used as a ... The two resulting DNA helices will contain one strand.

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Gene expression is the process by which information from a gene is used in the ... Polypeptide chain folds into a helical shape (think of DNA - double helix), This shape is ... The mRNA then travels from the nucleus to a ribosome (either floating in the ... This sequence tells RNA polymerase to release the single mRNA strand.

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Feb 23, 2015 ... forces. He uses optical tweezers to pull gently on DNA strands and ..... they can access information about current research topics ..... of the World Food Programme delivering food to So- ..... travels along DNA molecules while ..... an RNA copy, called messenger RNA, is constructed from a DNA template.

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In order to do this, information from certain portions of the DNA in the chromosomes ... What will be the sequence of bases on the mRNA strand if the strand of DNA to be ... Messenger RNA then passes out of the nucleus and travels to small ...

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We will investigate how DNA is transcribed into RNA with the... ... The antisense strand is the strand of DNA that serves as the template during the process of transcription. ... mRNA carries genetic information to the cytoplasm from the nucleus .... information that can travel outside the nucleus in preparation for translation.

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However, whereas DNA typically consists of two chains, or strands, of building ... genetic information from one strand of DNA is first copied into a complementary RNA ... The mRNA molecule then travels into a different region of the cell, where it ... Such an approach was used to deliver siRNA to HIV-infected cells (Song et al .