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Metal-halide lamp should not be confused with Halogen lamp. A metal-halide lamp is an ..... 555–556and produce an intense white light. ISBN 0-470-57778-9. ^ Jump up to: Light Right: A practisi...

Aquarium Lighting: Metal Halide Lighting: General FAQs


Metal halide systems are high intensity discharge lighting systems popular among many reef aquarium hobbyists. This article answers basic questions on metal ...

Everything You Need to Know About Metal Halide Lamps and


Metal halide (MH) lighting is often an intimidating choice for beginning reef aquarists and DIY enthusiasts alike. This article will provide basic background ...

Tech Center FAQ - Venture Lighting International


Q. Do you only make metal halide lamps? A. Venture Lighting is a manufacturer of metal halide lamps, ballasts and controls ...

The Metal Halide Lamp - How it works and history


Metal Halide Lamps An HID light source with great color rendering. Commercial History (1960 - Today). Metal halide lamps are a powerful source of light.

Metal Halide Aquarium Lighting Frequently Asked Questions ...


Metal Halide bulbs need to cool before they can be restarted. Most metal halide ballasts will 7-15 minutes to restart. In the event of a power outage, a magnetic ...

FAQs - Support - SolisTek Digital Lighting


Frequently Asked Questions ... Why do you offer 3 kinds of Metal Halide lamps? Is the SolisTek 10K Metal Halide lamp a good choice for vegetative growth?

Metal Halide Bulbs | 1000Bulbs.com


Shop Metal Halide (MH) lamps at 1000Bulbs.com. Browse our wide selection of Metal Halide light bulbs by brand, wattage and bulb shape.

T5 HO and T8 FAQs - 1st Source Lighting


T5 HO and T8 FAQs. How can a fluorescent fixture with half the initial lumens of a metal halide unit replace it in a high bay application? There are several factors ...

FAQs - Foreverlamp


FAQ'S. • Is the light output of the Foreverlamp GS & PS series equivalent to the Metal Halide lamps ... Will the lamps become dim quickly like metal halide lamps ?

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How do metal halide lamps work? | Mid-Wattage Metal Halide ...


MH lamps start when their ballast supplies a high starting voltage higher than those normally supplied to the lamp electrodes through a gas mixture in the arc ...

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This primarily depends upon the ballast type (magnetic vs electronic) and also the lamp type (HPS vs Probe Start MH). Some magnetic ballasts can use “long ...

HID light FAQ, Electronic Ballast FAQ - EYE Hortilux


I am interested in using your Metal Halide "Blue" 400W bulb, in a "water cooling" Hydroreflector. I was planning to NOT set up the water cooling for a couple ...