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The CPU is known as the central processing unit, and this term is synonymous with microprocessor. The microprocessor is considered the brain of the computer, and Intel invented the...

The first microprocessor was the Intel 4004, released November 15, 1971, and was designed by Federico Faggin and Ted Hoff of Intel, and Masatoshi Shima of Busicom.



Historyedit]. The advent of low-cost computers on integrated circuits has transformed modern society. General-purpose microprocessors ...

The History of the Microprocessor and the Personal Computer ...


Sep 17, 2014 ... Over the next few weeks we'll be taking an extensive look at the history of the microprocessor and the personal computer, from the invention of ...

History of the Microprocessor


THE HISTORY OF MICROPROCESSORS. The microprocessor owes its phenomenal success to a paradox created by the combination of technology and  ...

The Story of the Intel® 4004


Explore the history of Intel's first microprocessor, the Intel® 4004, from its invention to its lasting integrated electronics influence.

History of the Microprocessor | MeetingTomorrow


History of the Microprocessor. Introduction. A microprocessor is one of the most central parts of a modern personal computer or, in fact, any advanced computer ...



It begins with a brief history before the Intel 4004, then describes the designing of the chip. It follows the microprocessor through its iterations to RISC, parallel ...

History and Background of the Microprocessor


Microprocessor History and Background. Intel i7 Processor The CPU ("central processing unit," synonymous with "microprocessor," or even simply "processor")  ...

1971 - Microprocessor Integrates CPU Function onto a Single Chip ...


1971 - Microprocessor Integrates CPU Function onto a Single Chip ... Intel 4004 Microprocessor oral history panel - Faggin, Feeny, Hoff, Masatoshi, Mazor ...

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A: The Hisotry of the microprocessor is the collection of data regarding how chips were developed. A chip is the electronic device who re-shaped the world asccordi... Read More »
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Q: What is the history of microprocessor 80486?
A: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intel_80486. The Intel i486 (also called 486 or 80486) is a range of 32-bit scalar Intel CISC microprocessors which is part of the ... Read More »
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A: A microprocessor (sometimes abbreviated µP) is a digital electronic component with miniaturized transistors on a single semiconductor integrated circuit (IC). O... Read More »
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A: I'll give you 20 microprocessor mfgs. Yahoo each to get history. intel ibm dec motorola via amd zylog kawasaki lsi nec sharp zarlink texas instruments STMicroel... Read More »
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A: This is all I could find. It only really started when fuel injection started to replace carburetors and electronic ignition replaced magnetos and points in dist... Read More »
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