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The data source can be an Access database file, an ODBC database, such as a Paradox or Microsoft SQL Server database, or an ISAM database. action.


32-bit. A 32-bit operating system allows Windows 95 to access computer data faster than 16-bit systems by taking it in larger pieces. Action Queries. An action ...


Mar 11, 2012 ... Like most programs, Access has certain terms and phrases that are specific to it. In this Microsoft Access glossary we have attempted to list as ...


Mar 18, 2008 ... Microsoft Access, often abbreviated "MS Access," is a popular database application for Windows. Access allows users to create custom ...


MS Access is defined as a database computer program by Microsoft used to organize and use information for home or business. An example of MS Access is a ...


Microsoft Access Definition - Microsoft Access is a pseudo-relational database engine from Microsoft. It is part of the Microsoft Office suite of...


Have you ever wondered what is Microsoft Access, if the answer is Yes, then this would be a good place to start.


Mar 31, 2015 ... Microsoft Access is a software application that is used to create databases. MS Access is packaged with Microsoft Office Suite, but can be ...


This Glossary is separated into two sections: terms useful for understanding and using MS Access, and terms useful for understanding and using MS Excel.


Reports showing the definion of each Microsoft Access Table with its list of fields and their data type and definitions.