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English medieval clothing

The Medieval period in England, between the end of the Roman Britain in c. 410 and the beginning of the Renaissance, in England about 1485, was a period of ...

The Middle Ages -- Clothing

ost people in the Middle Ages wore woolen clothing, with undergarments made of linen. Brighter colors, better materials, and a longer jacket length were usually  ...

Medieval Clothing - Middle Ages for Kids!

In Medieval Europe, as in the Roman period, most people wore loose linen or wool tunics like big baggy t-shirts. But clothing did become more complicated in ...
Virtually everyone wore something on their heads in the Middle Ages, to keep off the sun in hot weather, to keep their heads warm in cold weather, and to keep dirt out of their hair. Some of the more complicated men's hats were actually hoods with a long strip of fabri... More »
By Melissa Snell, Guide

Middle Ages Clothing

Middle Ages Clothing Fashion and dress, just like everything else in the period, was dictated by the Pyramid of Power which was the Feudal System. Medieval ...

Medieval Clothing - Medieval Life and Times

Medieval Clothing! Get Medieval facts, information and history about Medieval Clothing. Fast and accurate facts about Medieval Clothing.

Medieval Life - Clothing | HistoryOnTheNet

Nov 8, 2014 ... Most clothing therefore was made out of wool. This meant that clothing in the Medieval period was itchy, difficult to wash and dry and very hot in ...

Fashion in the Middle Ages (Getty Center Exhibitions) - The Getty

May 31, 2011 ... In the Middle Ages, clothing was integral to identifying one's place in the world. Medieval people were highly skilled at reading the meaning of ...

Castle Life - Medieval Clothing

All about life in a medieval Castle. Living in castles, chateaux forts, stately homes, manor houses and great country houses.

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Q: What are some middle ages clothing?
A: Woolen clothing with undergarments made of linen. Usually it was cut in the Roman style and the nobles wore brighter colors and better materials. Peasant clothi... Read More »
Q: What are some middle ages clothing?
A: bright colours rich ppl wore silk posh outfits Read More »
Q: Middle ages clothing? please help!
A: Hello there, I am one of the people in charge at a local theatre and we are often looking for costumes that meet the same criteria that you mentioned above. Tim... Read More »
Q: Where do i find a pic of cooks from the middle ages clothing?
A: I'm not so sure that cooks had a specific uniform or 'look' in the Middle Ages. . I think they just wore the same rags on their back that they always wore. . Wa... Read More »
Q: How do people think about A great way to buy middle aged clothing...
A: By cabletow on 08/04/02. 5 star(s) As I sit here reading the Hawkshead summer 2002 catalogue I have been taken back. Back to a time pre internet and shoppin... Read More »