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Mobile phone radiation and health


The effect of mobile phone radiation on human health is a subject of interest and ... (not Group 2A – probably carcinogenic – nor the dangerous Group 1). ..... that mobile phone masts we...

Why mobile phone masts can be more dangerous than the phones ...


People living close to mobile phone masts (base stations) frequently report ... only just beginning to be understood (see The Dangers of Electromagnetic Smog ).

Mobile phone safety - FAQs - NHS Choices


Are mobile phone masts dangerous? What is currently considered the biggest risk associated with using mobile phones? Do scientists know everything about ...

How dangerous are mobile phones, transmission masts, and ...


Although mobile phones, transmission masts, and electricity pylons are often linked together, they represent separate issues, especially the last, where the ...

Is Cell Tower Radiation Dangerous?


EMFs from cell phone towers are impossible to escape, but you can protect yourself with ... Health Dangers of Cell Towers (or Mobile Phone Masts). The human ...

BBC Inside Out - Phone Masts: health risk?


Sep 13, 2004 ... We look at the arguement that mobile phone masts create a health hazard for the community.

Ban mobile phone masts next to schools to stop exposing children to ...


Feb 20, 2012 ... Mobile phone masts should be banned from within a mile of schools ... thousands of youngsters to potentially dangerous levels of radiation.

Mobile Phone And Mast Radiation - How Dangerous Are These


Mobile Phone And Mast Radiation - How Dangerous Are These. By Mrs Eileen O ´Connor Trustee for the EM Radiation Research Trust: www.radiationresearch.

Mobile phones, wifi and power lines | Cancer Research UK


Mar 24, 2015 ... So far, scientific evidence shows it is unlikely that mobile phones could increase the risk of ... Is the radiation from mobile phones dangerous? ... Mobile phone masts and base stations are unlikely to increase your cancer risk.

Mobile Phone Masts - Radiation Research - Radiation Research Trust


Commonwealth Club Expert Forum on Cell Phone and Wireless Risks to ... of a mobile phone mast (also referred to as mobile phone base stations) on the ...

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Q: Why are mobile phone masts dangerous?
A: no Read More »
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Q: Why are mobile phone masts dangerous?
A: In general microwave frequencies are electromagnetic waves with frequencies in the range of 300 MHz to 300 GHz. In this range is the 2.4GHz is used in microwave... Read More »
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Q: Mobile phone masts dangerous/safe?
A: I wouldn't want to live next to one. Some cell antennas are even placed on sides of buildings where folks work.rather close to the antennas. It probably is not ... Read More »
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Q: Are mobile phone masts dangerous to human health in any way?
A: Hello CheryleM, (ANS) The actual scientific research carried out in recent years into the dangers & potential risks from mobile phone masts is still divided 50/... Read More »
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Q: Are mobile phone masts dangerous? The Naked Scientists
A: Pauline in Essex asked: Is it dangerous to live 500 metres away from a mobile phone mast? It's far less dangerous than using the phone yourself. No one's actual... Read More »
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