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Years of Experience: 20+. Education: Masters in Media Communication / Audio Engineering, Webster University Salary: A Music Producer's salary can range ...

How To Become A Music Producer - Salary, Education, Jobs


What does a music producer do? Music producers are responsible for helping musical artists achieve the best possible sound for their recorded music. Music ...

How to Become a Record Producer | Job Description & Salary


The record producer creates albums and tracks to be recorded by artists. They also ... It's about making music and making something unique and special.

Salary of an Entry Level Music Producer | Chron.com


Geographical location and employer size are just a few factors that influence entry-level music producers' salaries. But, regardless of the salary differences, ...

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Working as a music producer is no small feat. You oversee virtually everything ... Music producers can earn six-figure salaries. Comstock/Comstock/Getty Images ...

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Music Producers earn an average hourly wage of $26.23. Hourly wages typically start from $10.64 and go up to $42.30. Music Producers earn an average salary ...

Music Producer Salary in California - Sokanu


Music Producers earn an average hourly wage of $28.59. Hourly wages typically start from $11.91 and go up to $44.35. Music Producers earn an average salary ...

Salary of an Entry Level Music Producer | Our Everyday Life


Music producers shape and hone the talent of performers to produce high quality recordings. They oversee all aspects of recording sessions, including providing ...

Music Producers' Average Monthly Salaries | Our Everyday Life


Music producers oversee the entire process of music production. Not only do they manage all recording and mixing sessions, but also schedule studio time, ...

Music Producer - Income, Salary, Producers, and Production ...


Average Salary – Various Job Outlook – Good. Music producers are people who work within the entertainment industry to produce music. This may involve ...

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Music Producer Salary - PayScale


As of Jan 2016, the average pay for a Music Producer is $25.86/hr or $49781 ... this snapshot was collected from individuals who took PayScale's salary survey.

How to Become a Music Producer | Job Description & Salary


Music Producers write, arrange, produce, and record songs, whether they're shaping the sound of another artist's album or creating beats or songs for their own ...

Music Salary Guide 2012 - Berklee College of Music


Berklee College of Music - Career Development Center - Music Salary Guide 2012 - berklee.edu. TABLE OF .... musical budget and production for a project.