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What if my period came twice in one month? | Reference.com


The most common reason for having two periods in one month is when a woman has a short cycle and one period occurs at the beginning of the month, and ...

Is It Normal Having Period Twice in One Month? | New Health Advisor


A woman's body goes through a series of changes every month in preparation for a possible pregnancy. This process is called the menstrual cycle. About once ...

I had my period twice last month. Could I be pregnant? | Mom ...


Oct 6, 2010 ... I had my period on 1st Aug to 4th then it came again on 25th Aug started ... I am in the same boat.i have had my period twice this month.first one ...

Two Periods in One Month: Should I Be Worried? - Healthline


Aug 2, 2016 ... A shorter menstrual cycle can cause you to have two periods in one month. This can be ... Having two periods in one month may be normal if you have shorter cycles. Many possible .... Can I Make My Period End Faster?

Reasons for Having a Period Every Two Weeks - EmpowHER


Having a period once every two weeks, or twice a month is abnormal and you .... Yesterday my ovulation test came back positive, fourteen days in, and today it ... that I've having one again, if it's even possible after testing positive for ovulation.

menstrual cycle twice in one month? -Doctors Lounge(TM)


Dec 22, 2004 ... I am not sexually active, I can't figure this one out?? I have never seen a ... My periods are usually regular but this month I got my period twice. The first was may 2nd til ... this and is it serious? I took a HPS and it came out neg.

Is it OK to Get My Period Twice in One Month? - KidsHealth


It's often normal during the teen years to have irregular periods. When a girl's period is irregular, it might come more than once a month or only come every few  ...

Irregular periods explained: 8 big reasons your period's gone MIA


Nov 30, 2016 ... For many women, this can even mean an absent period (amenorrhea) or two periods in one month (metrorrhagia). Two periods in one month, ...

Why am I getting my period twice a month? - Quora


Are they about 28 day cycles? Sometimes it can work out that you can get two cycles in one ... Can you be pregnant if your period came twice a month?