The most common reason for having two periods in one month is when a woman has a short cycle and one period occurs at the beginning of the month, and then about 24 days later, anot...

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I am not sexually active, I can't figure this one out?? I have never seen a ... My periods are usually regular but this month I got my period twice. The first was may 2nd til ... this and is it serious? I took a HPS and it came out neg.

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Having a period once every two weeks, or twice a month is abnormal and you should see ... And I had sex with my boyfriend we used protection and everything but he came inside me and he ... So its like I'm having two periods in one month.

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Jul 12, 2010 ... Why is my flow so heavy? Where is my period? Why am I getting my period twice in one month? Though irregular periods aren't uncommon for ...

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KidsHealth> Teens> Q&A> Periods> Is it OK to Get My Period Twice in One Month? ... When a girl's period is irregular, it might come more than once a month or ...

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I have gotten my period twice except, i had my regular one and then 11 days later , ... I had a period that went for a few days, stopped for a few, and came back.

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No: The normal menstrual cycle varies in length from 21 to about 35 days. If your periods are starting closer together than 21 days from the start of one to the start ...

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Please i need your help cos i saw my period twice this month at an interval of one week i.e i saw the first one on march 9th and stopped on 13 ...

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me and my husband are trying to have another baby iv been off of birth ... The most common reason for bleeding twice in one calendar month ...

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I had my Period at the beginning of the month of October (Oct 1st-4th) ... Hi Try this it may help, During the third week after the first day of your last ...

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Q: My period came twice in one month, is that normal?
A: Periods that are too frequent (more often than every 28 days also called "metrorrhagia" can be related to several predisposing factors: If the periods are other... Read More »
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Q: My period came twice in one month?
A: Try not to worry. You have less than a 1% chance of getting pregnant with the copper IUD, and it can definitely cause some odd changes in your menstrual cycle. ... Read More »
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Q: Does it mean i'am pregnant if my period came twice in one month i...
A: No that doesnt mean that you are pregnant. it means that your cycle is a little off. soon enough it should be back on track after some time. Read More »
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Q: What If My Period Came On Twice In One Month?
A: If you have a period very early in the month then you can have a period again in the same month. Just depends if there is 28 days left after the first day of yo... Read More »
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Q: Why My Period Came On Twice In One Month?
A: What was the gap between your 2 periods? If the gap was at least 22 days then 2 periods in a month are normal. If gap was less than 21 days then it is not norma... Read More »
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