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Moai Listen/ˈmoʊ.aɪ/, or Mo'ai, are monolithic human figures carved by the Rapa Nui people ... Easter Island statues are known for their large, broad noses and strong chins, .... ...

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Aug 19, 2014 ... The 887 giant moai statues on Easter Island have turned one of the most ... in the world into one of the most well known---and most mysterious.

Scientists Uncover a Shocking Mystery About Easter Island Heads


“Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of visitors to the island have been astonished to see that, indeed, Easter Island statues have bodies!” Tilburg told The Daily Mail ...

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THE MYSTERY OF EASTER ISLAND ... Easter Island is one of the most remote islands on Earth. It is in the ... For this reason, most of the statues have long ears.

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Jun 23, 2012 ... A new theory suggests that the massive statues were simply 'walked' by the island's native inhabitants from where they were carved to stone ...

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Jun 12, 2015 ... The moai have proved to be an enduring mystery with many lasting ... Moais ( stone statues) on Ahu Nau, Anakena Beach, Easter Island.

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Easter Island statue with top knot It is one of the most isolated islands in the world but 1200 years ago a double-hulled canoe filled with seafarers from a distant ...

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Apr 27, 2015 ... The mysterious Moai statues of Easter Island have gazed inland for ... But it is a mystery as to how the vast carved stones were transported into ...

Easter Island's mystical statues may have been 'walked' into place ...


Jun 9, 2013 ... The mystical Stone Heads of Easter Island may have been 'walked' into ... and their origin and the people who built them remains shrouded in mystery. ... Jo Anne Van Tilburg, a director of the Easter Island Statues Project and ...

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A remote, bleak speck of rock in the middle of the Pacific, Easter Island, ... is that the islanders used ropes to "walk" the statues upright, like moving a fridge.

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Jun 24, 2012 ... Watch video: Easter Island statues rocking forward ... In previous efforts to solve the mystery, Czech engineer Pavel Pavel worked with ...

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Moai statues statistics; Moai Transport Theories; Map of Easter Island; Easter Island .... Mystery surrounds the purpose of the ahu platforms and moai statues but ...

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4.1 Unfinished statue at Rano Raraku. A total of 887 moai have so far been catalogued on Easter Island, including 397 at the quarry – the volcanic crater of ...