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Soil science


Soil science is the study of soil as a natural resource on the surface of the Earth including soil ... The diversity of names associated with this discipline is related to the various associations c...

5 Different Soil Types – Know Your Soil Type | GROWTH AS ...


Apr 7, 2011 ... Last time, we discussed basic soil facts that you need to know before you started digging around in your garden. This time, we're going to look ...

Names of Soil Types | Garden Guides


Names of Soil Types. When determining the soil type in your yard, the name can vary depending on how specific the soil description needs to be. Soil can be ...

USDA-NRCS Official Soil Series Descriptions Enter By Name


The following entry field may be used to retrieve an Official Soil Series Description or a Series Extent Map. If you enter a complete series name, buttons to ...

Soil Formation and Classification | NRCS Soils


The National Cooperative Soil Survey identifies and maps over 20,000 different kinds of soil in the United States. Most soils are given a name, which generally ...

Soils of India: Six Different Types of Soils Found in India


Soils of India: Six Different Types of Soils Found in India are as follows: Soil is our prime natural and economic resource. Soils in India differ in composition and ...

Soil Order Names and Their Formative Elements


GEOL/GEOG 321 Geomorphology. Soil Order Names and Their Formative Elements. Complied by Eric Davis (1998), Revisions by Steve Kite (2001, 2007) ...

Names of all types of soils - Answers.com


Alluvial soil; Red soil; Laterite; Black soil; Sandy soil; Clayey soil; Loam; Peat; hummus.

Māori names for soil – Oneone – soils – Te Ara Encyclopedia of ...


Māori had numerous names for types of soil, a number of which are listed in this ... 'Oneone – soils - Uses of soil', Te Ara - the Encyclopedia of New Zealand, ...

1. – Oneone – soils – Te Ara Encyclopedia of New Zealand


Soil types. Māori horticulturalists identified at least 30 different types of soil. Oneone means soil, and 'one' is used as a prefix for the names of different soil types.

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Soil names | Sciencelearn Hub


Jul 30, 2013 ... New Zealand soils have scientific names, common names and, in some cases, Māori names.

Soil Classification | NRCS Soils


Soil Classification. GovDelivery envelope image Sign up for E-mail updates on Soil Classification offsite link image. Soil Taxonomy Soil scientists describing a ...



Taxonomic Names. Soil Order. Alfisols. Andisols. Aridisols. Entisols. Gelisols. Histosols. Inceptisols. Mollisols. Oxisols. Spodosols. Ultisols. Vertisols. Names ...