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In the United States the most common name suffixes are senior ... This is one way it is possible and correct for a Junior to father a IV.

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Oct 20, 2013 ... Rule #1: Parent & Child with Same Name = Sr. + Jr. ... Then, they can use Roman numeral (i.e. I, II, III, IV, etc.) ..... According to formal convention, the full name ( including the middle name) must be exactly the same as an ...

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A man with the same name as his father uses “Jr.” after his name as long as his ... “the third,” once written with either the numeric 3rd or the Roman numeral III, but ... the suffixes Jr. and Sr., though the trend is now toward dropping the comma.

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Dec 17, 2010 ... Jr vs II It is human nature to want to have your offspring be like you or ... The father would then have to add SR (Senior) to his name in order to ... In modern society, there is no need to even follow these conventions and as previously said, there .... For example, if Jr, III and IV are living and suddenly III dies, ...

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So they use the Sr. / Jr. labels at that time in the 1930 census. .... of naming succeeding generational appellations, I use a Sr., Jr. III, IV, etc.

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Jan 25, 2013 ...Junior” is technically II if his name is exactly the same as “Senior” (who .... so they became John W. Rockefeller III and John W. Rockefeller IV.

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Is it OK for a family name (Firstname Middlename Lastname II, III, IV, etc.) ... Sr. Jr. III IV V The I and II are implied, perhaps as you go far enough back ... You could also go with one of the alternate traditions, using middle names:

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John Smith III (me) ... I would use IV, not V, unless everyone in the family wants to go through a ... It's interesting that a few generations ago the "senior" and "junior" just ... Also, naming traditions a while back were different.

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We just really like the idea of being able to name a girl Junior. .... The Jr./II/III/IV thing is really just tradition. .... has no intention of changing his Roman Numerals when senior and junior die. ... Women deserve to experience all the glory and pain of goofy family names and traditions, just like us men folk do.

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unique characteristics of the naming customs for a particular nationality or ... ii. Gujarati-Hindu. 46 b. Southern Indian. 47 c. Muslim. 47 d. Sikh. 47-48. 25. ..... 10.12 The terms Filho ('son'), Junior, and Neto/Netto ('grandson') are sometimes used ..... -IV. N.B. There are crossovers in the post-Soviet region and th...

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Jr., II, or III ... when they sign their names when their father dies and they think it .... Sr., Jr, II, III, IV, etc. are part of the person's name, they are not post-nominals ...

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Oct 11, 2012 ... It seems that in the past there were different rules for suffixes like Jr., Sr., III, IV. When someone died the younger ones got "promoted" one level ...

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The suffix "II" was applied to the newborn's name. ... “The oldest living William Wellborn is numberless, and one starts counting Junior, III, IV (or 3d, 4th, ... Only a widow uses Senior, to distinguish herself from her ... child OR baby naming OR name junior OR Jr. OR II etiquette OR convention OR conventions ...