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A nitrogen atom has seven electrons. In the ground state, they are arranged in the electron configuration 1s2 2s2 2p1 x2p1 y2p1 z.

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[Bohr Model of Nitrogen], Number of Energy Levels: 2. First Energy Level: 2. Second Energy Level: 5.

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Element Nitrogen (N), Group 15, Atomic Number 7, p-block, Mass 14.007. Sources, facts, uses, scarcity (SRI), podcasts, alchemical symbols, videos and images.

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Let's use nitrogen as an example. Using information found on the Periodic Table of Elements, we can tell that an average atom of nitrogen contains 7 protons, ...

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Oct 12, 2014 ... It's me showing off my atom model project called "Nitrogen" for school in my science class. The blue puffballs represent the protons (+), the ...

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One neutral atom of nitrogen has seven protons, seven neutrons and seven electrons. This element is found in group 15 and period 2 of the Periodic Table of the ...

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nitrogen. Nitrogen: Nitrous meets Atom. nitrous-io · 0.1.12 2,265. 2 · Repo · Bugs · Versions; License. Flag as spam or malicious ...

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Inside a red giant star, the star smashes lighter atoms together and gets energy to burn, and also has heavier atoms left over. Nitrogen is one of these heavier ...

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Dec 22, 2014 ... Properties, sources and uses of nitrogen, one of the most abundant ... of Elements): N; Atomic weight (average mass of the atom): 14.0067 ...

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N I Ground State 1s<sup>2</sup>2s<sup>2</sup>2p<sup>3 4</sup>S°3/2. Ionization energy 117225.7 cm<sup>-1</sup> (14.5341 eV) Ref. M75a N II Ground State 1s<sup>2</sup>2s<sup>2</sup>2p<sup>2 3</sup>P0. Ionization energy 238750.3 ...