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This is a list of words that have entered the English language from the Yiddish language, many .... a nonentity (from Yiddish interjection נעבעך nebekh 'poor thing !...

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Noodge definition, nudge2 . See more. ... In those early days, Palin was touted as a bona fide corruption fighter—a noodge even to the GOP. Sarah Palin: Day ...

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Define noodge: pester, nag — noodge in a sentence.

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Noodge. This is my mothers word, it means to be nosey, pushy and a general pain in the ass. It sometimes means having an attitude the size of montana on your ...

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Nov 23, 2010 ... From Yiddish nudyen (to pester, bore), from Polish nudzic. The word developed a variant spelling 'nudge' under the influence of the English ...

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Noodge is defined as to nag or annoy with constant complaining. An example of noodge is children on a road trip asking "are we there yet?" over and over and ...

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A person who persistently pesters, annoys, or complains. v. noodged, noodg·ing, noodg·es or nudged or nudg·ing or nudg·es. v.intr. To act like a noodge. v.tr.

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Origin. 1960s. From noodge. Compare Russian nud′ boring or tedious thing, Polish nudziarz bore, nie nudż! 'don't be a bore'.

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noodge (plural noodges) ... noodge (third-person singular simple present noodges, present participle noodging, simple past and past participle noodged).

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