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A plank house is a type of house constructed by indigenous peoples of the Pacific Northwest, ... Native people of the Pacific Northwest maintained a distinct respect for cedar and the value ... Cana...

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The environment of the Northwest Coast of Canada was very diverse, and often ... They lived in longhouses or 'Big houses' constructed out of cedar planks.

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Plankhouses are Native American homes used by tribes of the Northwest Coast ( from northern California all the way up to Alaska.) Plank houses are made of ...

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The Northwest region is along the west coast of the United States. The states that make up ... In the Northwest region, Native Americans lived in plank houses.

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Northwest Coast Indians, Clothing: Dress was fairly simple among Northwest Coast peoples. ... Men's dress varied from tribe to tribe but was in general quite minimalmost men wore nothing but ornaments on warm ... Settlements and Housing.

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Visit this site for facts and information about Northwest Coast Native Americans. Geography, Climate, Environment, Animals, Crops, Culture and housing of the ...

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Northwest Coast Indian, member of any of the Native American peoples inhabiting a narrow belt of Pacific .... Subsistence, settlement patterns, and housing.

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Northwestern Houses Plank House. In the Northwest, Native Americans lived in a shelter known as the plank house. They lived near the Pacific Ocean , from ...

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Some Northwest bands are the Chinook, Tillamook, Coast Salish and the Tlingit. ... For shelter, the Northwest Indians used what was available in their forests ...

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The Northwest Coast Indian women wore bark skirts while the men often went naked. The men would only wear covering when the weather was...

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The Northwest Pacific Coastal Indians did not live in tepees as did the Yakima Indians of Eastern Washington. Instead, they lived in longhouses built of thick ...



The Northwest Coast American Indians lived in clans and had a native population of about 250,000. ... Their homes were known to be very sturdy and large.

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Northwest Coast Indians were found in Oregon, Washington, and even as far north as ... rich because they had both an abundance of food and sturdy shelter.