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Native people of the Pacific Northwest maintained a distinct respect for cedar and ... Pacific Northwest as the place for rectangular plank houses, from the coastal ...

The Northwest Coastal People - Environment / Housing


The Environment. The First Peoples of the area lived in a narrow section of coastal land stretching from Washington State to Northern B.C., and into Alaska.

Northwest - Plank Houses - Native Americans in Olden Times for Kids


The Northwest Pacific Coastal Indians did not live in tepees as did the Yakima Indians of Eastern Washington. Instead, they lived in longhouses built of thick ...

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Plankhouses are Native American homes used by tribes of the Northwest Coast ( from northern California all the way up to Alaska.) Plank houses are made of ...

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Visit this site for facts and information about Northwest Coast Native Americans. Geography, Climate, Environment, Animals, Crops, Culture and housing of the ...

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The Northwest Coast Indians did not live in teepees like other tribes, but built longhouses out of wide cedar planks. These longhouses could be very large and if ...



The Northwest Coast American Indians lived in clans and had a native population of about 250,000. ... Their homes were known to be very sturdy and large.

Northwest Indians - Oregon Pioneers


The long houses of the coastal Indians were built of cedar planks split from the trunks of large trees. Each house measured from 40 to 100 feet in length and from ...

Native Americans People of the Northwest Coast - YouTube


Nov 19, 2013 ... Ancient Native American Homes - Duration: 7:27. by Phenomenal Travel Videos 48,131 views. 7:27. Who were the Mound Builders? The First ...

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Some Northwest bands are the Chinook, Tillamook, Coast Salish and the Tlingit. ... For shelter, the Northwest Indians used what was available in their forests ...

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A: can you please tell me what the answer is this is due tomorrow i need to Know. what environment pacific coast Ontario has its for native studys. Read More »
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Q: What are the northwest coast indian's customs?
A: Having potlatchs (is like a party) where you give away your finest possessions and at the end you burn everything you have to show how wealthy you are. They did... Read More »
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A: They painted their tore poles with a fish egg tempura and they had wrestleing contest. Read More »
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A: By the 1750’s more than 100,000 Northwest Coastal Indians lived in Read More »
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A: The American Indians of the Pacific Northwest relied heavily on the resources of the land and were particularly tied to the ocean. Therefore, it should come as ... Read More »
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