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A buoy is a floating device that can have many purposes. It can be anchored ( stationary) or allowed to drift with ocean currents. The word, of Old French or ...


Weather buoys are instruments which collect weather and ocean data within the world's oceans, as well as aid during emergency response to chemical spills, ...


The National Data Buoy Center's home page. The premier source of meteorological and oceanographic measurements for the marine environment.


Recent Data, Historical Data · Observations Search · TAO · DART. Recent Marine Data. Not All Stations Depicted are Operated by the National Data Buoy Center ...


Mar 13, 2017 ... Ocean buoys measure several wave and wind variables, and help build real-time surf forecasting maps and charts.


Buoyweather.com is the boater's choice for buoy reports with the largest most comprehensive ocean buoy reports available. If you are looking for buoy reports  ...


View accurate wind, swell and tide forecasts for any GPS point. Customize forecasts for any offshore location and save them for future use.


Atlantic Ocean Buoys. This page provides links to every buoy in the Atlantic Ocean and links to custom buoy related tools. About Powertools & Links.


Buoys that track surface currents in this way are called Lagrangian drifters and track ocean currents at the depth corresponding to the length of their drogue ...