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All of the light zones can be found in the oceanic zone. ... Past 200 meters, not enough light penetrates the water to support life, and no plant life exists ... Animals such as fish, whales, and sh...

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Animals: Examples of euphotic zone animals include most ocean fish ... Some bottom-dwellers live in the euphotic zone - this zone is defined in terms of light, ...

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The ocean is full of life, from huge whales to tiny creatures too small to see without a ... Plants and algae can't survive here, and the animals in this zone are  ...

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These layers, known as zones, extend from the surface to the most extreme ... Most of the animals that live at these depths are black or red in color due to the ...

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Though these zones contain an abundance of ocean life because sunlight is .... This is bioluminescence , a chemical reaction in a microbe or animal body that ...

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Model showing the relative depths of the ocean zones ... There are big animals and little ones; long and short ones, multicolored and drab ones, and those that ...

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The sunlit zones goes down about 600 feet. Many animals inhabit this zone. Most fish live in this zone. Plankton occurs in this zone. Plankton are free-floating ...

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There are four major oceanic zones where plants and animals live in the ocean. The four major zones are intertidal zone, neritic zone, open ocean zone and ...

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Animals That Live In The Twilight Zone. Picture ... Picture. A spiny, globular animal that lives on the ocean floor off the western coast of North America.

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Jun 1, 2010 ... Most life in the open ocean is found in the photic zone. Animals, protists, plants, and bacteria that float or drift in ocean water are called plankton ...

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Twilight Ocean (Disphotic) Animal Printouts. ... Ocean zones .... A spiny, globular animal that lives on the ocean floor off the western coast of North America.

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If you look beneath the surface of the open ocean, you'll find a diverse and unique ... Animals that live in the twilight zone must be able to survive cold ...

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Animal life from the topmost to the lowest oceanic zone ranges from sharks and other fish to deep-sea squid and echinoderms such as the sea pig and sea ...