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Ogopogo or Naitaka (Salish: n'ha-a-itk, "lake demon") is the name given to a ... show Is It Real?, in 2005 revealed that the object Folden filmed was indeed a real  ...

Real Ogopogo Captured on video - YouTube


Apr 12, 2008 ... Not saying it isn't an ogopogo, but that second one makes me think of an undertow. Wonder what all the ripples behind those 2 waves were, ...

Ogopogo: Canada's Loch Ness Monster - LiveScience


Jan 7, 2014 ... If Ogopogo is real and exists, what is it? Explanations range from the plausible ( manatee, sturgeon or oarfish) to the exotic (a dinosaur or a type ...

Search for Ogopogo Video - MonsterQuest - HISTORY.com


Search for Ogopogo. (3 min) tv-14. Sightings of Canada's lake monster have ..... The Real Hobbit 3min. The Legend of the Mermaid Play video. The Legend of ...

Man Releases 18-Year-Old Pictures of 'Ogopogo', Canada's Lake ...


Nov 11, 2014 ... SEATTLE– A man says he has “positively identified” the Ogopogo ... Would such clear evidence of a Plesiosaur actually be real – were it I'd ...

Baby Ogopogo Found in Canadian Lake? - io9


Nov 11, 2008 ... And now, a real-life documentary crew from the History Channel claims to have found a "baby Ogopogo" in an underwater cave at the lake.

Monster of a claim: Ogopogo caught on video - Technology ...


Nov 7, 2011 ... Ogopogo, some believe, has its roots in native Canadian Indian legends ... we concluded that the object Folden filmed was in fact a real animal ...

Rarely Seen Lake Monster 'Ogopogo' Caught on Tape in Okanagan ...


Nov 13, 2011 ... Ogopogo is not real, wrote Ryan Scott, a viewer of the video. However, another viewer, Riley Defeater, thought it could be real. Sturgeon keep ...

Ogopogo of Okanagan Lake - Tour Canada


Oct 26, 2013 ... Ogopogo, Real or Myth? [A Photo of Ogopogo in Kelowna]. Over the years, many large unidentified sea creatures have washed up on ocean ...

Ogopogo the Chameleon - CSI


Lake Okanagan's lake monster has undergone many transformations over the centuries. Will the real Ogopogo please rise up?

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Q: Is ogopogo real?
A: many believe he/she is but another percentage of people believe that the ogopogo is myth. There is overlapping evidence that the Ogopogo is real, enough to make... Read More »
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Q: Is the ogopogo real ?
A: As real as Nessie, Issie and Champ. Read More »
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Q: Is the Ogopogo real or mythical?
A: It'a as real as the Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot and the Yeti. Read More »
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Q: Do you think Ogopogo is real?
A: He's just another tourist attraction. It was a fad set by Loch Ness and a Lough (Irish spelling) in Cork which was less famous. If you look at the numbers of to... Read More »
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Q: Is the Ogopogo real or mythical?
A: "Capitalism is an economic system in which the means of production are owned by private persons, and operated for profit and where investments, distribution, in... Read More »
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