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Given names with Old English as their language of origin plus names and related words that are in use where people speak Old English, Page 1, Tab Origin.

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Old English Boy Names are all about tradition & reconcilability... BUT also you want a sort of old-fashioned "feel" or variation to the name, right?... Basically, you  ...

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Page 1 - Discover 1000's of Old English Girl Names, tough boy names, Traditional names, unique, Rare and modern baby names in super Fun naming ...

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Some of these names had equivalents in Old English which were in use before the conquest but only became common after the Normans arrived.

Mideaval english male names and their meanings - The Fantasy Comic ...


Alvin (ety: Old English: elf wine, noble friend) Amherst (ety: English: place name) Amsden (ety: Old English: from the ambroses valley)

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Aug 17, 2011 ... Therefore a 'vintage' name is an old-time moniker that looks and feels like those in fashion, but isn't nearly as popular. Back in the 70s Leah ...

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A service that offers a variety of boy & girl baby names, including Anglo Saxon boy ... Acton, Anglo-Saxon, M, Town by the oak tree, Old English, Add to Your List .

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Aiken, Old English boy's name meaning made of oak, *. Ainsley, Likely from the place names Annesley or Ansley, **. Al, Pet name from name starting with the ...

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Old english Baby Names ... Afton, female, Old English, river name, Aftonio ... Alden, male, Middle, Old English, antique, old, wise protector, old friend, Aldan, ...

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The following list of names in use approximately 1450-1650 is intended to aid the transcription and interpretation of old English documents. It was based on ...

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Old English Origin Names. Home » ... This is a list of names in which the origin is Old English. ..... Derived from the Old English elements ælf "elf" and giefu "gift".

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Selection of English baby names, search for an old English baby names, British baby boy names, and origin of girl names.

Men's Given Names from Early 13th C England - SCA College of Arms


Apr 26, 2013 ... For the names borne by at least 13 men I have also given two ... OBret = Old Breton; ODa = Old Danish; OE = Old English; OFr = Old French; ...