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iRuler.net - Online ruler


This website measures the size of your screen and creates the image of a ruler that is the actual size.

Online Ruler


Ruler with centimeters and inches. Configurable for different screens.

Online Ruler | LifeSizer Actual Size Product Images


Click on the image above to view this ruler in actual life size. This actual size online ruler shows inches and metric (centimeter and millimeter). Want to see more ...

6 Free Actual Size Online Ruler ( Centimeter / Inch / Metric )


Aug 5, 2016 ... Online websites have virtual rulers available in both inches (in) and metric (cm and mm). The arrangement of ruler can easily be done by ...

Ruler for iPhone5/5s/5c - Full-scale Online Ruler(mm,cm) - Flasco.jp


This online ruler is a full-scale ruler when displayed on the iPhone5/5s/5c. Installation not required. For you who want to measure the size of 7cm below right ...

Printable-Ruler.net - Your free and accurate printable ruler!


Printable-Ruler.net provides you with an easy to use, free printable online ruler that will save you to ever look for a ruler again! For Letter as well as A4 sized ...

Online Ruler Actual Size - mm,cm,inch


If you need a accurate online ruler which based on the standard of the metric ruler or a PDF Online Ruler Download Our ruler combine online millimeter ruler ...

Ruler - With Tape Measure and Unit Converter on the App Store


Oct 6, 2016 ... Ruler (one of the 7 tools in iMetalBox) is now free! Take this chance to download! This app turn your iPhone into a handy pocket ruler that can ...

Some printable paper rulers


One foot ruler (for A4 paper) 1 ft long, 3 cm wide. One per ... long, 3 cm wide. 6 per page. (centimeters and millimeters) .... Thanks to a reader. 2002-Sep-07 Online.

Metric Ruler Actual Size Image - Pective


Believe it or not, there ARE uses for having an accurate online ruler, whether YOU ..... I printed out other cm/mm rulers and they all didn't match the ruler I had.

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Actual Size Ruler Online - mm,cm,inch


The most accurate way, after i measure the size of virtual ruler by an actual ruler, i found .... Welcome to share this online ruler to your freineds, if you do like it.

7 Online Rulers In Metric And Inches - CarlCheo.com


Can't find a ruler around you? Need to measure something urgently? I have listed 7 free online rulers in cm, mm, and inches. Some of them are pretty accurate!

PreciseRuler.com - Ruler online


Website shows ruler in real size based on your monitor size.