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The Ordnance Survey National Grid reference system is a system of geographic grid references used in Great Britain, different from using Latitude and ...

The National Grid FAQs | Support | Ordnance Survey


Frequently asked questions about the National Grid, the reference system Ordnance Survey uses in its maps.

Grid Reference Finder | Ordnance Survey Map


Instructions: Right-Click on the map to get Grid Reference (click on pin to display info) ×. © Crown copyright and database rights 2016 Ordnance Survey.

Check an Ordnance Survey Grid Reference


British Grid Reference System - Check the location of an OS Grid Reference, or display the track of flights submitted to the SE Wales XC league.

How to Use Map Scales and Grids - Ordnance Survey Ireland


When taking a grid reference, always read left to right along the bottom or top of the map first and then bottom to top along the side of the map. This is particularly  ...

Convert between Latitude/Longitude & OS National Grid Reference ...


OS Grid References are based on 100km grid squares identified by letter-pairs, followed by digits which identify a sub-square within the grid square, ...

Ordnance Survey Grid-letters - Rambler-info


The OS grid references (OSGB) use two letters as the start of any reference. e.g. SK474237. One might imagine that these have some simple geometric ...

Find British National Grid Reference From Map - Free Map Tools


Instructions. Click on the map anywhere in Britain (Scotland, England and Wales) . You will then see the Northings, Eastings and National Grid Reference (NGR) ...

Grab a Grid Reference Duo - Bedfordshire Natural History Society


Get an OS grid ref from aerial photos and OS Maps.

Working out OS grid references - UK Glow worm survey home page


How to give a grid reference. The Ordnance Survey map references to glow worm sites are very important, as they enable us to locate its position to within 100 ...

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The National Grid - Ordnance Survey


The National Grid is the map reference system used on all Ordnance Survey maps to identify the position of any feature.

How to read a grid reference - Ordnance Survey


Nov 19, 2015 ... On week four in our six-week blog series on map reading skills, we're taking a look at how to read a grid reference. Read our guide and watch ...

Ordnance Survey Maps - British Grid Reference System


British Grid Reference System - Understanding the UK grid reference system used on Ordnance Survey maps of Great Britain.