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Blackballing is a rejection in a traditional form of secret ballot, where a white ball or ballot constitutes a vote in support and a black ball signifies opposition.

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In some cases, a single black ball would be enough to deny a membership, while others required two or more votes to positively refuse a candidate. In those ...

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Country club members might initiate a blackball against an eccentric member who wears tie dyed t-shirts on the golf course, for example. The origin of the word  ...

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Define blackball: to prevent (someone) from joining a group, club, etc., by voting against him or her — blackball in a sentence.

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Black Ball Ferry Line can also trace its origins to the Black Ball Line, though in somewhat less direct fashion. Our founder, R.J. Acheson, began his career in ...

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also black-ball, "to exclude from a club by adverse votes," 1770, from black (adj.) + ball (n.1). Black balls of wood or ivory dropped into an urn during secret ...

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Jun 14, 2015 ... ORIGIN. This verb, which first appeared in the late 18<sup>th</sup> century, is from ... of registering an adverse vote by placing a black ball in a ballot box.

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If you do not pay commission to the director of the committee, he will black ball you. Origin: The expression is derived from 18th century clubs. New applications  ...

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A negative vote, especially one that blocks the admission of an applicant to an organization. 2. A small black ball used as a negative ballot. tr.v. black·balled, ...

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Our history of BlackBall was given its special name through the main ingredient, ' Xian Cao', its 'black' jelly goodness and the yam 'balls' in our dessert creations ...

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Blackball definition, to vote against (a candidate, applicant, etc.). See more. ... a black ball placed in a ballot box signifying a negative vote. Origin of blackball

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Definition of blackball in English: blackball ... Origin. Late 18th century: from the practice of registering an adverse vote by placing a black ball in a ballot box.

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blackball. To cosnpire to ruin someones reputation untill they become unemployable and people refuse to associate with them. After he cancelled that concert ...