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Crystallography. referable to a rectangular set of axes.
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In geometry, two Euclidean vectors are orthogonal if they are perpendicular, i.e., .... The term "orthogonal line" often has a quite different meaning in the literature ...

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adjective or·thog·o·nal \ȯr-ˈthä-gə-n<sup>ə</sup>l\. Definition of ORTHOGONAL. 1. a : intersecting or lying at right angles. b : having perpendicular slopes or tangents at the ...

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The word orthogonal comes from the Greek orthogōnios meaning "right-angled." While this word is used to describe lines that meet at a right angle, it also ...

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a. Of or relating to a matrix whose transpose equals its inverse. b. Of or relating to a linear transformation that preserves the length of vectors. 3. Very different or ...

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The term orthogonal is derived from the Greek orthogonios ("ortho" meaning right and "gon" meaning angled). Orthogonal concepts have origins in advanced ...

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Feb 11, 2011 ... From the roots ortho (straight) and gon (angle), its meaning in mathematics is understandable. Outside of mathematics it has various meanings ...

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Top Definition. orthogonal. Used to describe two things that are independent of each other. One does not imply the other. Common sense and intelligence are ...

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In elementary geometry, orthogonal is the same as perpendicular. Two lines or curves are orthogonal if they are perpendicular at their point of intersection.

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The normal vector and tangent vector at a given point are orthogonal. ... The content of the message should be orthogonal to the means of its delivery. Of two or ...

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Q: What is the definition of orthogonal?
A: Orthogonal means having a set of mutually perpendicular axes; meeting at right Read More »
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Q: What is the definition of orthogonal signal space.
A: Orthogonal signal space is defined as the set of orthogonal functions, which are complete. In orthogonal vector space any vector can be represented by orthogona... Read More »
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Q: What is the definition of orthogonal in terms of vectors
A: When two vectors are perpendicular they are said to be orthogonal. ... ...MORE... Read More »
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Q: How does the definition of orthogonality apply to vector spaces?
A: If the vectors in the basis are orthogonal, any vector in the space can be written as a *unique* linear combination of the basis vectors. This uniqueness of rep... Read More »
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A: Well, a Lie group is a smooth manifold with a compatible group structure. A group of Lie type can be defined using algebraic groups, but most of the time, you c... Read More »
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