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Oxymoron is the third studio album by American rapper Schoolboy Q. The album was released ..... When asked on when he will reveal the full track list and artwork for the album, Schoolboy Q proclaime...

Oxymoron List – Funny Examples of Oxymorons (Oxymora)


Oxymoron: a figure of speech by which a locution produces an incongruous, seemingly self-contradictory effect, as in “cruel kindness” or “to make haste slowly .

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Oxymoron Example List. Here are our top 36 favourite oxymoronsoxymorons in a loose sense of the word: ... More about oxymorons on Fun-with-words.com:.

100 Awfully Good Examples of Oxymorons - Grammar & Composition


Oxymorons are often found in literature, but as shown by this list of 100 awfully good examples, they are also part of our everyday speech.

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Top 47 Oxymorons List. 47. Act naturally. 46. Found missing. 45. Resident alien. 44. Advanced BASIC. 43. Genuine imitation. 42. Airline food. 41. Good grief. 40.

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Definition, Usage and a list of Oxymoron Examples in common speech and literature. Oxymoron, plural oxymora, is a figure of speech in which two opposite  ...

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Feb 9, 2011 ... Gigantic list of oxymorons online-a phrase containing two words that are ostensibly semantic opposites.

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The word oxymoron is derived from the Greek for pointedly foolish (oxys = sharp/ keen ... Here is a comprehensive list of 64 examples of oxymorons in sentences.

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The largest Oxymorons List on the Internet, compiled in alphabetical order. Send in your suggestions to add to this list & we'll add your name to our Contributors ...

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Includes word list and definition with famous oxymorons from George Carlin.

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The Best Oxymoron List (The Best Oxymora-The Best Oxymorons). [ Go to end of page ]. An oxymoron is a consecutive set of words expressing conflicting ...

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As with many other literary and rhetorical devices, oxymorons are used for a variety of purposes. Sometimes they are used to create some sort of drama for the ...

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Oxymorons are two words that have opposite meanings and when combined, ... Contrary to what you might think, this is not a list of less than intelligent oxes.