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The graphical control element dialog box is a small window that communicates information to ... Jump to: navigation, search. Example of a dialog box of gedit. The about box of Microsoft Notepad 1.01...

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A task dialog is a dialog box implemented using the task dialog application programming interface (API). They consist of the following parts, which can be ...

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Dialog Box Components. Dialog boxes have the following components: Title bar; Icon area; Toolbar and menu area incorporating: – File, Generate, View ...

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Anatomy of a Dialog Box A dialog box consist of. A title bar, just like any other window; usually contains the name of the program or something like "Error" or ...

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Page Format for Parts dialog box. How to get there. This window can be accessed in two ways, depending on whether you are working with linked or extracted ...

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Stata dialog programs allow you to define the appearance of a dialog box, specify how ... A .dlg file consists of seven parts, although some of them are optional.

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Sep 18, 2008 ... List Box- presents a list of possible choices from which the user may select. Drop- Down List Box- opens and displays choices when the ...

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Apr 10, 2010 ... The terms used in OpenOffice.org for most parts of the user interface (the parts of the program you see and use, in contrast to the ...

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Oct 7, 2006 ... In this tutorial, learn how to create your own custom dialogs using Acrobat 6 or later.

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Dialogs contain text and UI controls. They retain focus until dismissed or a required action has been taken. Use dialogs sparingly because they are interruptive.

Parts of Dialog Boxes
A dialog box is a graphical user interface component used to present information to, or to gather information from the user. It is a standard computer programming technique to gather data or present information in cases when the default view of the... More »
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Visual Basic user interface Help Components Dialog Box ... Controls Tab ( Components Dialog Box) ... Debugging Tab (Project Properties Dialog Box).

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Parts of Dialog Boxes. A dialog box is a graphical user interface component used to present information to, or to gather information from the user. It is a standard ...

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Dec 25, 2005 ... A dialog box is a small window or message box that appears ... Modal dialog boxes are those which temporarily halt part or all of the GUI until ...