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Information on medieval clothing for costumers. Peasant Clothing Peasant men wore stockings or tunics, while women wore long gowns with sleeveless tunics ...

Medieval Peasant Clothing - Middle Ages


Go to this site providing information about the facts, history of the Medieval Peasant Clothing. Fast and accurate facts about the Medieval Peasant Clothing.

What Peasants and Laborers Wore in the Middle Ages


Of course, as the centuries passed, minor variations in style and color were bound to appear; but, for the most part, European peasants wore very similar clothing ...

Historical Clothing of the Middle Ages: Peasant, Knights and More


Jan 17, 2012 ... The clothing during the Middle Ages varied widely from which social class ... To learn more about the historical clothing of peasants and knights ...

Life in the Middle Ages | Clothing | Food | Health - English Online


The lowest people of society were the peasants . They didn't have their own land, but they got land from the lords . The lords also gave them protection . In return ...

Elizabethan Era Peasant Clothing - elizabethan era england life


Clothing was a very significant part of Elizabethan era. It indicated a person's status and formed a part of the social order. So much so that, laws were passed for ...

Medieval Life - Clothing | HistoryOnTheNet


Nov 8, 2014 ... The clothing of peasants was basic, practical and not decorated. The man is wearing a short woollen tunic belted at the waist over short ...

Castle Life - Medieval Clothing - Castles and Manor Houses


Dyes were common, so even the lower class peasants frequently wore colourful clothing. Using plants, roots, lichen, tree bark, nuts, crushed insects, molluscs ...

Peasant Women - Galileo Educational Network


In the Middle Ages, around the 1300's, the peasant women wore different types of clothing then we do now. On their head they would wear a scarf like veil that ...

What did peasants wear in Medieval times? | Reference.com


Peasant clothing in the Medieval period varied but always included a tunic and some type of covering for the head, which depended on the peasant's occupation  ...

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Peasants Clothing - Medieval Times | Medieval Life


Early Medieval clothing for peasants and the poorest people in medieval society was made from coarse wool, linen and hemp cloth. The clothes that peasants ...

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Because they were poor, their clothing was usually rough wool or linen. The women wove the fabric and made the clothes. Peasants generally had only one set ...

Peasant Dresses - Medieval Life and Times


Peasant Dresses! Get Medieval facts and information about the clothes, fashion, costumes including Peasant Dresses. Fast and accurate facts about Peasant ...