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Prehistory means literally "before history", from the Latin word for "before," præ, and Greek ιστορία. Human prehistory is the period from ...

Prehistoric Ages. Categories of Time. Eons and Eras


The Prehistoric Period consists of time periods in the origin and evolution of ...

Prehistoric Times [ushistory.org]


This "Prehistoric" period — before writing and civilizations — is called the Stone Age and is extremely valuable to our understanding of our earliest hominid ...

General Introduction: Prehistoric Times


Divisions of Prehistoric Times.--The long period of prehistoric times is divided into different ages which are named from the material which man used in the ...

Most of the history of the ancient world has been collected by archaeologists, built in part by the use of fragmentary records, but also through myriad dating techniques. Each of the world history timelines on this list are part of larger resources addressing the cultu... More »

PREHISTORY - Historia siglo XX


Prehistory is the period that begins with the appearance of the human being, about five million years ago, and finishes with the invention of writing, about 6,000 ...

Prehistoric Time Line - National Geographic


Prehistoric time line, geologic time scale, photos, facts, maps, and more from National Geographic.

The Three Ages of Dinosaurs - The Triassic, Jurassic, and ...


Velociraptor, one of the best-known dinosaurs of the Cretaceous period - Andrew Bret ... Jurassic and Cretaceous don't cover all of prehistory, not by a long shot.

Enter the Bible - Periods: Prehistory


The cultural legacy of Egypt in this period is well known. The pyramid of Cheops ( 2600 B.C.E.) is but the most obvious monument to their skill. In the plain ...

Prehistoric Era - DC Comics Database - Wikia


Prehistory is a term used to describe the period before recorded history (i.e. before writing...

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Q: 3 periods of Prehistory?
A: I will start by giving just one. It was once a part of Pangea till techtonics broke the super continent apart and formed the continents we know of today. Read More »
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Q: Which is not a period of prehistory Megalithic Mesolithic Neolith...
A: megalithic. Read More »
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Q: What are the major periods of pre-history?
A: The major periods of pre-history are: Paleolithic, Mesolithic, Neolithic, Read More »
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Q: During the period of prehistory,people developed the ability to w...
A: Out of the four, B. Use Fire is the most appropriate response. Read More »
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Q: What period in pre-history is the T-rex found?
A: T. rex was a huge meat-eating dinosaur that lived during the late Read More »
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