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... petrochemicals and their derivatives: ... is made from petrochemical products ...

Uses of Petrochemicals - Dyes, Synthetic Shoes, Detergent


Multifaceted uses of petrochemical ranges from day to day trivial products to ... Sneakers (synthetic shoes) have also got petroleum products as their content.

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Apr 14, 2010 ... Petrochemical and petroleum products are refined products from crude oils. These products are used in formation of other industrial and daily ...

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Overview of the Chemical Petrochemicals Industry: Petrochemicals are chemicals ... uses, actually perform better than products made by nature because of their ...

What are petrochemicals? - Petrochemicals Europe - Petrochemistry


Chemicals derived from petroleum or natural gas - petrochemicals - are an essential ... and sometimes less efficient products caused the petrochemical industry to ... few of us make the connection between the petrochemical industry and their ...

What is petrochemical? definition and meaning


Definition of petrochemical: Chemical obtained either directly from cracking ... These derivatives are used as elastomers, fibers, plasticizers, and solvents, and as feedstock for production of thousands of other products. ... Popular for its ... D.

What Products are Made from Petrochemicals? | Living in a ...


Apr 7, 2009 ... From their site: Products Made from Petrochemicals include plastics, soaps, detergents, solvents (such as paint thinner), paints, drugs, fertilizer, ...

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The oil industry accelerates the global economy by meeting the demand for petroleum, natural gas, biofuels and petrochemicals. Its success depends upon safe, ...

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Products made from petrochemicals include such items as plastics, soaps and ... The petrochemical industry received its chief impetus in 1913 from the ...

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Gaseous refinery products include hydrogen, fuel gas, ethane, propane, and butane. Most of the ... Petroleum products and their uses ... Petrochemicals.

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Oil and natural gas are used as feedstocks (i.e., the main raw material used in the manufacture of a product) to make approximately 99% of U.S. petrochemicals.

Examples of Petrochemicals and Petroleum Products - Chemistry


A petrochemical is any product derived from petroleum. You may be surprised at some of the materials you use everyday that come from crude oil or natural gas.

Petroleum - Other Uses of Petroleum


Petroleum is used in a variety of products other than fuel. ... number of different hydrocarbons, various refined products have found their ... The industry that uses petroleum to produce other chemicals is referred to as the petrochemical industry .