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Petroleum products are materials derived from crude oil (petroleum) as it is processed in oil refineries. Unlike petrochemicals, which are a collection of ...

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A partial list of products made from Petroleum (144 of 6000 items) One 42-gallon barrel of oil creates 19.4 gallons of gasoline. The rest (over half) is used to ...

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Overview of the Chemical Petrochemicals Industry: Petrochemicals are chemicals made from petroleum (crude oil) and natural gas. Petroleum and natural gas ...

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Crude oil is what virtually runs the world today. Apart from the regular use of crude oil in .... What are some examples of petrochemicals made from crude oil?

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Petrochemicals are organic chemicals made from crude oil and natural gas for use in industrial processes. Examples of primary petrochemicals include ...

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Feb 12, 2015 ... These are chemicals that are produced by petrochemical industries from crude oil and. natural gas. Petrochemical industries are specialized in ...

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Chemicals derived from petroleum or natural gas - petrochemicals - are an ... that allow crude oil to be turned into petrochemicals and petrochemicals into useful ...

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Jun 5, 2011 ... It would be difficult to overstate the role that petrochemicals have ... Another product made from crude oil is petroleum coke, which can be used ...

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Sep 21, 2015 ... Although PVC can be produced from a range of hydrocarbons including ... provide easy access to imported natural resources such as crude oil.

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Dec 23, 2012 ... In 2011, global production of crude oil and natural gas reached a ... and other petrochemicals (chemical products derived from petroleum).

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In the strictest scientific sense, petrochemicals are a set of very specific chemical compounds, which can be made from oil, natural gas, coal or other sources.

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Gasoline Fuel Oil Jet fuel. Asphalt Kerosene Lubricants Gear Oil Benzene Vaseline Grease Tar Motor Oil.

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A typical 42- gallon barrel of crude oil yields about 20 gallons of gasoline and 4 ... soot, is produced by controlled combustion of petroleum products, both oil and ...