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In the physical sciences, a phase is a region of space (a thermodynamic system), throughout which all physical properties of a material are essentially uniform.

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Matter can exist in four phases (or states), solid, liquid, gas, and plasma, plus a few other extreme phases like critical fluids and degenerate gases. Generally, as  ...

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Apr 11, 2016 ... Matter is the “stuff” of the universe. There are five known phases, or states, of matter: solids, liquids, gases, plasma and Bose-Einstein ...

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SOLIDS. Structure: Solids may be ionic, metallic, simple covalent or giant covalent, but all of these structures have something in common; the smallest particles ...

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Jun 16, 2014 ... solid liquid gas phases of matter absolute zero. ... Bill Nye The Science Guy Phases of Matter. Error loading player: Could not load player ...

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What are the 4 states of matter? Any and all substances can exist in one of 4 forms (also called "states" or "phases") Which state the material is in basically ...

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Choose a material from the buttons below and then click on different parts of the thermometer. Observe how the element or molecule changes phases at different  ...

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Learn more about phases of matter in the Boundless open textbook.

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boiling point. Freezing. The transition of a liquid into a solid at the freezing point. Gas. A phase of matter characterized by the complete dissociation of matter.

The states of matter are solid, liquid, gas. Plasma may also be considered a fourth state of matter.
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Computer graphic showing the normal phases of matter; solid, liquid, and gas. ... Regardless of the type of molecule, matter normally exists as either a solid, ...

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Phases of matter, introduction, cystaline solids, amorphous solids, liquids, gases, plasmas, degenerate materials, phase diagrams, triple point.

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"Phase" describes a physical state of matter. The key word to notice is physical. Things only move from one phase to another by physical means. If energy is ...