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The most interesting theory about the Philadelphia Experiment, Project Rainbow, is that it ... This field supposedly bent all three, light, space, and time, according to ..... clocks our every action and records it on the surrounding space continuum.

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The Philadelphia Experiment is the name given to a naval military ..... with a group with was experimenting with moving through the Time/Space continuum.

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Jun 13, 2007 ... Documentary about the philadelphia experiment. ... PERIOD. The stories about Time, Tesla, Einstein and/or Karatheodori are just fiction stories.

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Feb 10, 2015 ... There are places where time and space are naturally bent. ... USS Eldritch, which took part in the Philadelphia Experiment on August 15, 1943.

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Dec 6, 1995 ... Joshua: Can you define precisely what the Philadelphia Experiment was ... was to explore the time/space continuum for scientific discovery;.

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Many, many accounts have attested that such radar invisibility experiments DID .... manipulations of aspects of our time/space continuum, along with associated ...

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The Philadelphia Experiment was a time travel experiment that took place in ... a group with was experimenting with moving through the Time/Space continuum.

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You may have read the best selling book "The Philadelphia Experiment" by .... it's inanimate objects into the basic time reference of this space-time continuum.

The UFO Mystery Grows - The philadelphia experiment


The legend of the Philadelphia Experiment began on January 13, 1956, when ... the nature of gravity and thereby apply that knowledge to the conquest of outer space. ... look, and feel, but are not aware of time and exist in a kind of netherworld. ... and that the secret experiment ripped a hole in the spacetime continuum that ...

The Philadelphia Experiment Did A Navy Ship Become Invisible ...


Nov 21, 1996 ... Some say it became temporarily invisible while sailing to Norfolk and back; others say it temporarily broke through the space-time continuum ...

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Montauk Project:Stealth Technology and Multi-Dimensional Time ...


The Montauk Project and the Philadelphia Experiment ... for Aug 12 1943 and the battle ship left the space time continuum, entered hyper space for four hours.

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On October 28, 1943, an experiment was conducted at the Philadelphia .... That is, through "doorways" into another dimensional world in time and space? ... be projected into another space or energy continuum through mistake or design, ...

Interesting-Facts: The Philadelphia Experiment - ship teleport?


Nov 21, 2012 ... Philadelphia experiment was also called "Project Rainbow" ("Project .... As a result of these experiments in the space-time continuum is a hole ...