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Phosphoric acid is a mineral (inorganic) acid having the chemical formula H3PO 4. Orthophosphoric acid refers to phosphoric acid, which is the IUPAC name for ...


Jan 15, 2008 ... Phosphoric acid, also known as orthophosphoric acid or phosphoric(V) acid, is a mineral acid with the chemical formula H3PO4. Alternatively ...


Formula and structure: The chemical formula of phosphoric acid is H3PO4. Its molecular formula is written as H3O4P and its molar mass is 97.99 g/mol.


Would you ever drink a strong acid? Probably not knowingly, but you almost certainly have already. Curious? Read this lesson on phosphoric acid...


Structure, properties, spectra, suppliers and links for: Phosphoric acid, 7664-38-2 , H3PO4. ... Molecular FormulaH3O4P; Average mass97.995 Da; Monoisotopic ...

Aug 4, 2015 ... phosphoric acid vs vinegar 6 month experiment/test (rust prevention) - Duration: 5:02. Aussie Car Mods & Restos 2,171 views · 5:02.


FORMULA, H3PO4. MOL WT. 97.99. H.S.CODE. 2809.10. TOXICITY, Oral rat LD50: 1530 mg/kg. SYNONYMS, Hydrogen phosphate; o-Phosphoric acid;.


Phosphoric acid is a colorless and odorless inorganic mineral acid. Its chemical formula is H3PO4. It's also called orthophosphoric acid. Phosphoric acid can be ...


What is the method to find out whether a given acid or base is strong or weak by just knowing the chemical formula? What is the formula for chromic acid?


Oct 20, 2014 ... phosphoric acid: (H 3 PO 4), the most important oxygen acid of ... of long chain molecules called polyphosphoric acids, with the general formula ...