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A fern is a member of a group of about 10,560 known extant species of vascular plants that .... Ferns are classified together as phylum (or division) Pteridophyta.

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Phylum Pterophyta: Ferns. The largest group of living seedless vascular plants— and probably the most familiar—are the ferns with about 12,000 species, over ...

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Ferns are among the most recognizable members of the phylum Pterophyta, which are primitive, nonflowering, vascular plants that primarily reproduce by ...

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Division Pterophyta. The Pterophyta includes the ferns. Ferns represent the second major step in the evolutionary sophistication of plants. The division ...

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Dec 7, 2014 ... สมาชิก 1. นายธรรณธร จันทราช 611-01 2. นายธีรภัทร ยั่งยืน 611-02 3. นายวรเมธ บุญ แย้ม 611-03 4. นางสาวกรชนก พยัคโฆ 611-23 5. นางสาวปรวี ...

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Phylum Pterophyta - the ferns, whiskferns, horsetails. Ferns: both sporophyte and gametophyte are photosynthetic sporophyte is large with leaves (fronds).

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Phylum Pterophyta includes things such as ferns, which are fully functioning plants with leaves. Phylum Lycophyta includes things like mosses, which are less  ...

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Kingdom Plantae. Nonvascular Plants. Phylum Bryophyta - mosses. Phylum Hepatophyta - liverworts. Seedless Vasculars Plants. Phylum Pterophyta - ferns. 1 ...

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Phylum Psilophyta - whisk ferns. Phylum Pterophyta - ferns. Phylum Lycophyta - Club Moss. Phylum Lycophyta - club moss, qillworts, Selaginella. 1,500 species ...

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Class: Polypodiopsida. (Pteridopsida). Phylum: Pterophyta. Kingdom: Plantae. Boston Fern. Species: exalta. Genus: Nephrolepis. Family: Nephrolepidaceae.

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The phylum Pterophyta is a group of non-seed plants with a fossil record dating back to the lower Devonian. The phylum consists of about 11,000 living species.

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Aug 12, 2014 ... Pterophyta may also develop stems, often as rhizomes, true leaves, called frond, and -simple- roots. There are, however, no flowers in their life ...

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In this lesson, we'll discover the characteristics, classification, and life cycle of the group Pteridophyta, which includes plant species like...