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As of Jan 2016, the average pay for a Physiotherapist is $30.97/hr or $60798 annually.

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Aug 20, 2014 ... Physiotherapists treat a broad range of patients, helping to restore or improve body function through targeted exercises.

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Salaries for Physiotherapist in Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Montreal, Winnipeg, Halifax, Fredericton, Saskatoon, Windsor-Essex County, Kitchener, ...

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Starting salaries for qualified physiotherapists (band 5) range from £21,478 to £ 27,901. Physiotherapists at specialist level (band 6) can earn between £25,783 ...

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Jan 25, 2014 ... Just a question regarding average salary for fresh graduate and couple years of experience. If you are answering, could you please follow this ...

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How much does a physiotherapist make ? What is physiotherapist job description , average physiotherapist salary and how to become a physiotherapist ?

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Physiotherapy salaries in UK. View all 620 jobs. Average salary: £39,771. down £519 less than 2015. Jobs advertised: 620. up 184 more than 2015. Salary ...

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Salary and wage information for physiotherapists is compiled regularly by analysis of Australian jobs advertised in major publications. Salaries are annual ...

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Salary and wage information for New Zealand professions is compiled regularly by analysis of New Zealand jobs advertised in major publications. Salaries are ...

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Salaries for physiotherapists in the NHS are between £21,692 and £28,180 a year. Specialist physiotherapists can earn up to £35,000 a year. This can rise to ...

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Physiotherapists earn an average hourly wage of $39.51. Hourly wages typically start from $27.06 and go up to $54.49. Physiotherapists earn an average salary ...

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Get career advice and information on salary, employment trends, duties and skills required to be a Physiotherapist.

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International Comparison of a Physiotherapist Average Salary.