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Hinduism[edit]. Hindu mass prayer in Ganges river. Hindu Temple (Mandir), Hinduism.

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A Hindu place of worship is called a mandir or temple. A temple is dedicated to a particular god or goddess (deity). The temple is the god's home on earth.

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Sep 27, 2005 ... Central to Hindu worship is the image, or icon, which can be ... Popular pilgrimage places are rivers, but temples, mountains, and other sacred ...

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The Mandir. This film follows the director of the Vivekananda Centre Mr Jay Lakhani on a tour of the Hindu Mandir. The centre itself was formerly a Methodist  ...

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However a hindu also worships god in his house and outside. Most Hindus who can afford to have a separate room for god have a separate room where they ...

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Holy Place, River Ganges is one of many holy places ... Brahman takes on many forms that some Hindus worship as gods or goddesses in their own right.

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Hindu Temples and Places of Worship. Hindu temple. The Temples constitute the heart of Hinduism. They are considered the abodes of God upon earth, little ...

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In Hinduism, time follows the life of Brahma. ... Daily worship in Hinduism usually takes place in three different places: in the home, in a temple, and/or at a ...

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In a Hindu home you will find a decorated shrine that serves as an alter for worship. Around the room are images of deities, they are in forms of framed pictures, ...

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Hindu devotees commonly worship at shrines in three different types of places: in their home, in a temple and outdoors in public. Hindu worship generally refers ...

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Hindus commonly conduct pujas in shrines in three different environments: in temples, in the home, and in ... Worship in the home usually takes place daily.

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The name for a Hindu place of worship is a temple. Another name for a Hindu temple is mandir. In the Hindu religion, a temple is the home on Earth of a god or. ..

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Hinduism. There are a number of large and influential Hindu communities in the UK today. As with a number of other faiths of the east and far east, Hinduism has  ...