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Stem usually consist of three tissues, dermal tissue, ground tissue and ... The dermal tissue of aquatic plants stems may lack the ...

Structure of Plant Stems: Vascular and Ground Tissue - Video ...


You can determine the age of a tree by looking at its rings. In this lesson, we will look at the basic structures of stems and explore what causes...

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After completing this lesson, you will be able to explain what a plant stem is, describe the various parts and what they do, and name the two main...

Modifications of Stem (Explained with Diagram) - Biology Discussion


Many plants produce underground stems for perennation and food storage. They produce ... (iii) Internal structure resembles that of aerial stem and not of root.

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Underground stems are modified plant structures that derive from stem tissue but exist under the soil surface. They function as storage tissues for food and ...

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Stem modifications, either aboveground, underground, or aerial, enable plants to survive in particular habitats and environments.

Plant Structure and Function


Before we look at plant anatomy in detail, I want to caution you that we will be .... Cork cells function as a barrier to protect the stem from physical damage and ...

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Plant morphology or phytomorphology is the study of the physical form and external structure of .... Qualitative characters are morphological features such as leaf shape, flower color or pubescence....

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Jun 6, 2007 ... The shoot system is above ground and includes the organs such as leaves, buds, stems, flowers (if the plant has any), and fruits (if the plant has ...

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Q: What are the functions of the stem in a plant? - Quora
A: I believe that there are four functions, if not more, of the stem in a plant. Those include;. Support ... Fun fact: vascular plants are able to grow higher tha... Read More »
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Q: Parts of Roots, Seeds, Plants, Leaves & Stems | eHow
A: Parts of Roots, Seeds, Plants, Leaves & Stems. Each part of a plant ... The fruit and seed structure of a plant consists of the pericarp (fruit) and the se... Read More »
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Q: Why are the stems of a plant important to its survival? - Quora
A: Jul 15, 2016 ... The stem can be considered as the trunk of the plant, the backbone if you wish and ... This transport is through tissue called phloem (from th... Read More »
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Q: What are the functions of roots, stems, and leaves in plants? How...
A: Mar 26, 2016 ... The primary root and its branches form the tap root system of the plant. The tap root normally grows vertically downwards to a shorter or long... Read More »
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Q: What is the name of this plant with lumpy cone-like structures al...
A: This is NONI, Morinda citrifolia L. of the coffee family, Rubiaceae. More informations ... Do plant stems still grow upwards if planted upside down? What plan... Read More »
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