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The vast ocean contains a large array of plant and animal life. According to National Geographic, the ocean covers more than 70 percent of the surface of the  ...

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A: The kinds of plants found in the ocean include phytoplankton, seagrasses and algae. While phytoplankton floats on the surface of water, seagrasses root int.

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There are two general types of plants found in the ocean, those having roots that are attached to the ocean bottom and those not having roots which simply drift ...

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Marine algae though are abundant throughout the ocean and can either float freely ... Diatoms are either found singly where each individual lives in a single box, ...

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Most of the ocean's plant life consists of microscopic algae called ... The reefs are mostly found in shallow tropical waters and are home to a brilliant mosaic of ...

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It should be no surprise that the open ocean biome is the largest biome... ... The main plants found in the open ocean biome are species of seaweed. They are ...

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Ocean biome plants remain a wonder to biologists;This article attempts to list the ... As the name again suggests, they are also found in major coral reefs of the ...

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Information on ocean animals is not as complete as information on land animals. It is known that animal life can be found at all depths of the ocean, from the ...

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Location | Weather | Plants | Animals | People | Links ... the oceans, and scientists say there may be as many as 9 million species we haven't found yet. ... Marine plants live in the euphotic zone of the ocean because they need energy from the  ...

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When algae leaves calcify, they add layers to ocean sediments. ... pigment, are usually found in cold or temperate water, and few species live in the tropics.

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There are thousands of different species of ocean plant life, including phytoplankton, ... Kelp is a form of brown algae and can be found in cold temperate waters.

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Plants and algae play important roles in the ocean ecosystem. ... Seagrasses are found in shallow salty and brackish waters in many parts of the world, from the ...

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Aug 19, 2010 ... The ocean is full of uncharted territory -- and of breathtaking natural wonders that look like they'd be more at home on Pandora than in the blue ...